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Biggest Loser: Update on Sam & Stephanie’s Romance

May 14, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson lost weight and found love on this season of NBC‘s The Biggest Loser and the couple is still going strong. Sam opens up about his romance with Stephanie, a relationship that he calls “so solid.” Keep reading for more details on how the couple is doing, how they motivate one another, and what’s next for them…

From his first day on The Biggest Loser Ranch, Sam Poueu was attracted to fellow competitor, Stephanie Anderson, and it didn’t take long for the attraction to develop into a full-blown romance. Despite the fact that it could be viewed as a threat, the relationship between Sam and Stephanie wasn’t kept a secret from the fellow contestants. “There was not a single person in the Ranch’s vicinity that didn’t know we were in love! Our relationship is so solid. There is so much that Steph has accomplished in her life that I view her as a role model, especially on the Ranch. I looked at myself as young, immature, and there was so much I was striving for and wanting in life and seeing Steph equipped with, I don’t even know how to explain it, but she has that go-getter attitude. I really kind of piggybacked off that, and that really attracted me to her, besides her being beautiful and everything, of course,” Sam says.

Now that both contestants have been eliminated from NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, Sam and Stephanie are starting a new life together in Los Angeles. The couple, who are now living together, have settled into life in Hollywood and still work hard to maintain their weight loss goals. “We both use the same trainer now, Steve Lee. He’s the one who kicks Jillian‘s butt, and anyone who kicks Jillian’s butt puts a smile on my face! But for me and Steph, what I am able to do to help her out is… I am an active person and being here in West Hollywood, we have Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park, I ride a bike everywhere out here; I have no car, and so bringing that attitude into the house keeps Steph motivated,” Sam says.

Sam also discusses the on-air tension between his cousin (and Biggest Loser partner), Koli and the new love of his life, which ultimately resulted in Steph’s elimination from the show. “As you can tell, seeing the episode with Stephanie’s departure, it was hard to watch but as of right now, things are moving in progression, things are doing really well and he is supportive of the relationship,” Sam says.

Now that Sam has lost all of the weight (the first contestant in Biggest Loser history to reach his goal weight while still on the Ranch), he’s making plans for his future. “I still haven’t wrapped my head around what possibilities lay before me. I work in CBS promotions for JACK FM. It’s something that helps me put food in the fridge. But I want to give acting a try, I want to see possibilities for endorsements and sponsorships. Right now, when I say that the world is in my hands, I truly feel that,” Sam says.

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Photo Courtesy of Sam Poueu

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One Response to “Biggest Loser: Update on Sam & Stephanie’s Romance”

  1. Lisa Princ Says:
    May 14th, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    I am so glad to hear this and so happy for both of them. What a beautiful couple they make, I think most BL fans loved them both on the show as much I did! Hope to hear of wedding plans for these two in the future :) Best of luck to you both Sam & Stephanie!!


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