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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Rupert’s Third Try

May 14, 2010 09:06 PM by Ryan Haidet


He’s the only Survivor contestant to win $1 million without making it to the final vote.  After the All-Star edition (season eight), Rupert Boneham was still extremely adored by fans who fell in love with him the first time he played in the Pearl Islands that they voted for him to win the extra seven-figure prize.  When he returned for Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, Rupert was still sporting his tie-dye and hard-working ethic.  But his game this season was instantly weakened when he broke his toe during the first challenge.  But his broken bone proved to be no match in comparison to the sly Villains who voted him out.  In a conference call with reports, Rupert relived the moment in which he broke his toe and offered his thoughts on evil Russell.  He also dished out some not-so-nice things about Jerri.

Question: When you were voted out, you turned and gave a mean stare to those left in the game.  What was that all about?

Rupert Boneham: Both of them (Russell and Sandra) wrote my name down, lying to me — even right up until the end.  That look was more or less, “Why in the heck do you have to still be Villains?  Why couldn’t you stand up when I gave you the chance to just tell me it’s me going home?”  They couldn’t even do that.  It’s one thing to be a Villain, it’s another thing to be malicious. …  When I turned around and mean mugged everybody, that was my anger releasing.  That was me releasing.  That was me yelling and screaming, grabbing my torch and beating the heck out of everyone.  Except maybe Colby.


Question: What was your take on Russell?

Rupert: The reason they brought him back is because he’s the greatest Villain ever.  I went to my team and I tried to tell my team that Russell is evil.  They brought him back for a reason. …  Even after the merge, Sandra comes to me saying, “Russell didn’t use the hidden Immunity Idol.  Russell is evil.  Russell is evil.  But the team still did not want to believe it.” …


I was the first person they brought back ever playing back to back Survivors.  They brought me back because I was a hero’s Hero.  I told my team the reason they brought Russell back — he’s on the Villain side — he has to be one outrageously good Villain.  He has to be Jonny Fairplay 10 times worse.  And imagine that, he is.

Question: Do you feel like attempting to align with Russell tarnished your Hero image?

Rupert: Me personally, I don’t think so at all.  I just like putting a rock in my pocket and not really saying that it’s the hidden Immunity Idol, but promoting that lie.  I am no angel.  There is not one angel out there on Survivor.  There’s very few angels out there walking around.  But being able to show that I’m willing to do what it takes to make it to the end, I was 100 percent honest when I looked right at Russell and said, “You’re the only one I want to take to the final Tribal Council.”  I would take Russell and Colby in a second.  When I grabbed Russell’s hand and Colby’s hand and said, “We are the final three,” I really meant it.  But I didn’t think Russell actually meant it.


Question: How do you think Parvati has made it this far?

Rupert: Parvati is very good at subtly manipulating.  She is the way that you can win Survivor.  Watching Parvati play and watching Russell play, Parvati manipulates people, but in a positive way and not such an evil way.  Russell manipulates people in an evil way and is evil about it.  That’s why Parvati has won before and Russell has not.


Question: What did you think of Jerri out there?

Rupert: Jerri is one of those thorns in my side.  She has been a thorn in my side since we played All-Stars together.  She helped me build the shelter that she still blames me for six years later!  I have to say Jerri sometimes just likes to use me to complain about.  The same way like that darn breaking of wood.  I don’t want to ever say anything too bad about anybody, but Jerri is not the nicest person in the world.  She sure loved giving me a hard time.  We’ve been butting heads for years (laughs).


Question: What do you think would have happened had you won the last Immunity?

Rupert: That last darn challenge.  If Parvati hadn’t won Immunity and I had, Russell says he would have voted with us.  I would have to still say that Colby probably would have been the one out and I would be scrambling now to win Immunity again.  Even though the Villains say they’re against each other, they continually vote together, they continually talk together.  Even though they say they’re against each other.  Even though I watched Sandra and Russell fight — and I thought I had them fighting very well — they still voted together.


Question: How much of a factor was the broken toe?

Rupert: It’s amazing how much of a factor that was in the game.  In the first day, in the first hour, I look down and my little toe, that is supposed to be facing away from me, is facing me and laying over my baby toe.  When I dropped down to my knees and grabbed that toe and straightened it and pushed it back in my foot, I can barely remember anything else after that — for almost a day.  The pain that I was going through was insane.  It had my patience level gone.  It had my strategy level gone.  I finally realized why it was so painful the day after I got voted out.  I finally was able to get my toe x-rayed.  It wasn’t just one broken bone in one toe, there was a spiral break and a clean break in one toe.  And the toe that we were taping it off to, was broken also.  Every time I took a step on anything uneven, I would feel those bones move.  The toe, even though I tried to show that I’m still tough and it didn’t really affect me, it affected me outrageously.  It messed up my game.  I know.


Question: Did you know that all the chopping wood at night was annoying everybody else?

Rupert: I cut up one log, and I busted with a rock one log.  I would say that was maybe half an hour or 45 minutes.  Then the next five hours was feeding the fire and making sure we had fire that morning.  Jerri, I think, just needed somebody to complain about.  Somebody to bitch at.  I was that person.


Only five remain — one Hero and four Villains.  Colby, Sandra, Russell, Parvati and Jerri.  Who will outwit, outlast and outplay all the others to become the sole Survivor?  Find out this coming Sunday, May 16.  It’s all followed by the live reunion show from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.  Stay tuned in the days after the finale for Ryan Haidet’s exclusive red carpet coverage.

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