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Wife Swap: Haller-Wren And Spencer Families

May 14, 2010 07:02 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Wife Swap on ABC, we’ll see the free spirited hippie Haller-Wren Family swap wives with the football loving Spencer Family. With two families that could not be more different, this is one hour of television that you won’t want to miss. Keep reading for all the details!

First up on Wife Swap on ABC, we met the Haller-Wren Family of Georgia. Mom, Mackenzie and Dad Ruben are raising their two sons as free spirited hippies. Mackenzie believes a woman does not need to keep up appearances, and has not even shaved her armpits in over 20 years! Ruben instead of working hard to provide for his family, works as clown because he enjoys it. Ruben is very in touch with his feminine side, as is their son who repeatedly gets mistaken for a girl and loves the color pink!

Next up on Wife Swap on ABC we met the Spencer Family who lives, eats, and sleeps nothing but football. Mom, Debbie does all the housework and has to keep up her appearance for her husband as he wants a “trophy” wife. Dad, Mike also plays football as do both of their teenage sons. Mike believes in hard work and making money for his family and believes his wife should be the one doing all the housework and cheering him on.

During the swap, both wives seemed to do fine with their new family’s rules and all seemed to get along. That was until Mike noticed Makenzie’s armpit hair while she was working out. Although he demanded she shave it, she refused to. The same went on at the Haller-Wren household when Debbie asked that Elijah get his hair cut so he would no longer be mistaken for a girl, and he refused as did Ruben. Debbie did manage to get the Haller-Wren boys to enjoy some football, although when it came to taking work seriously, Ruben did not and it got on her last nerve.


Meanwhile at the Spencer household on Wife Swap on ABC Mackenzie was trying desperately to get the boys in touch with their feminine side, but it was not working well. She did make Mike go through “labor and delivery” so he would have a greater appreciation for his wife, as well as make all three of them come up with a cheer for Debbie. By the end of her stay all three Spencer men definitely had a greater appreciation for Debbie and all she does for them.

At the table meeting on Wife Swap on ABC, Mike laid into Ruben about his employment and when Ruben argued back, Mike walked out. In the end, neither family gained much from the swap, aside from some football playing at the Haller-Wren home, and meal making for Debbie at the Spencers. I believe both of these families were so set in their ways, they were not willing to change much.

Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Wife Swap on ABC.

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One Response to “Wife Swap: Haller-Wren And Spencer Families”

  1. Michelle Says:
    June 27th, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    I’ve only seen a few of these shows but I have to say Ruben showed so much control. Mike made a complet A** of himself. It was so obvious how much more intelligent Rubin was then Mike. Though I thought each family went overboard in their lifestyles but was horrifed at everything about Mike!


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