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Celebrity Apprentice: The Two Finalists Are Revealed!

May 16, 2010 09:00 PM by Lisa Princ


Donald Trump goes on a firing spree tonight on an all new Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. After one contestant is fired immediately, the four remaining contestants will be grilled by Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic, season one winner of The Apprentice, and more recently the star of the hit E! reality series Giulana & Bill. How will the celebrities hold up to these two tough critics and who will make into the finale? Keep reading for those details and those of the final task which also starts tonight!

Donald Trump‘s first order of business tonight on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC after firing Cyndi, was to fire yet another celebrity, just as the celebrities were having a celebration toast for making it this far. Mr. Trump went down the line asking why each celebrity should not be fired and just when I thought our beloved Donald Trump was going to fire Curtis, instead he asked Curtis why he thought Maria should be fired, Maria once again opened her big mouth and made a comment that even disgusted Mr. Trump about Curtis’s bathroom habits, thus getting Maria fired right off the bat!

So that left Sharon, Bret, Curtis and Holly to be interviewed by both Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic, season one winner of The Apprentice, and star of the hit E! reality series Giulana & Bill. Mr. Trump would take to heart what they had to say about each contestant and fire two more celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Both Joan and Bill were not crazy about Curtis, and one would go one way while the other the opposite on the three other contestants. With that said, Donald Trump fired Curtis and sent him on his way. The next would be harder as he again asked the celebrities why they should stay and Sharon broke out in tears claiming she “didn’t know if she would want to beat Holly”. I think that was enough to influence Donald Trump‘s decision as Sharon was the next one to get fired.

That means our two finalists for  Celebrity Apprentice on NBC are Holly Robinson and Bret Michaels! They spent the night celebrating as the next morning their final task would begin. The next morning Donald Trump arrived with two Execs from Snapple to give the celebrities their final task: create and successfully market a new snapple flavor. This would include a commercial, creating a custom design, trying out samples with the public among other things. Donald Trump sent them on their way and advised that they would have some help in the form of team members.


Bret was surprised as he was greeted by Summer Sanders and Daryl Strawberry for his team members. Holly, who was hoping for Summer, got Maria and Curtis instead. Just when I thought we had seen the last of Maria, there she was again. First order of business for both teams was choosing the flavor combination they wanted and negotiating with the other team as each team could not have any of the same flavors. Despite the fact that both teams wanted the passion fruit flavor, Bret gave in as Holly sent Curtis in to negotiate for her and Curtis confused Bret a bit. So while Holly’s team was working on a passion/strawberry/basil mix, Bret’s team was working on a “Trop-a-Rocka” or tropical fruit with vanilla and some spice.

Celebrity Apprentice on NBC continued with both teams starting to shoot their commercials. Bret, being Bret had to hire a bunch of girls to perform in his commercial, while Holly had a bunch of comics in hers. Just as the clock was running out for the episode, Bret was having issues getting the equipment that he needed and he was starting to panic. But you’ll have to wait until next week to see how this turns out and who will be named the winner as it ended there tonight for us.

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as Donald Trump will name a winner of this season in the live finale!

Who do you think is going to take the season 3 crown? Come join us on the Reality TV Magazine message boards and share your opinions and thoughts on the competitors and the show!

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