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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains–Live Reunion Show

May 16, 2010 08:27 PM by Nancy Floyd


Just moments after crowning the winner of this season of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, the entire cast comes together for a live reunion show in New York City to recap and rehash the biggest drama, strategy, and action on this season. Also, the Sprint Player of the Season is awarded $100,000 and an award for Dumbest Move in Survivor history is given. Keep reading for more details on what went down when the Heroes and Villains reunited…

Sassy Sandra is the winner of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains! She managed to outwit, outplay, and outlast the other 19 contestants for the $1 million grand prize. Jeff Probst kicks off the show by asking Sandra if the fact that she’s now won two seasons of Survivor makes her the best player in history. Sandra thinks it does. She’s the Queen of Survivor, as far as she’s concerned. Parvati begs to differ since she herself has been on three seasons of the show and has spent more days playing the game than anyone else. Plus, she’s a “challenge dominator” (her words, not mine). Russell thinks there’s a flaw in the game if Sandra can win it twice. Russell thinks America needs to have a percentage of the votes to make the game fair. Says the guy who didn’t get a single vote from his competitors.

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Jeff wants to know if Sandra’s victory can be attributed to one key move. She is a fan first, so she simply took what she learned from every season of Survivor and applied it to her game. Tom Westman thinks the game is one-third social, one-third strategy, and one-third luck. Russell’s still arguing about how much he deserved to win (despite the fact that not one person voted for him). His reason? The fact that a previous winner (JT) gave him an immunity idol that was ultimately used against him proves to the world what a great player Russell is (according to Russell, of course). He produces the letter JT wrote him, which he’s had laminated, and JT tries to throw it in the fire.

Jeff Probst takes a moment to acknowledge Sandra’s husband in the audience, on leave from Afghanistan for two weeks, before jumping back into grilling the competitors. His next question is for Parvati, the record-holder for most days on Survivor (114 days total). Did her alliance with Russell hurt her in the end? Um, yeah absolutely. Being connected with the most-hated player certainly didn’t reflect positively on her. According to Russell, Parvati deserved to win.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Things get a little tense between Jeff and Russell, resulting in some breathing exercises to help the two of them calm down, before Russell answers Jeff’s question about whether or not he understands the importance of playing a social game and appealing to the members of the jury. Russell doesn’t seem to understand the question and keeps ranting about how he plays his hardest, no matter what. It takes the good old Italian boy, Boston Rob, to explain what Russell means…he doesn’t play the game to win. He plays to get to the finals, but he doesn’t play to win. Rob thinks that if he and Russell had formed an alliance, the overall game would’ve gone very differently. Yeah, I probably would’ve stabbed myself in the eye out of sheer annoyance.

Let’s talk about the dumb moves on this season of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, shall we? Tyson defends his idiotic decision to stray from Rob’s plan to vote out Russell or Parvati, resulting in his elimination instead. JT tries to defend his decision to give the immunity idol to Russell, hoping to secure his allegiance. This sets up the awarding of the Dumbest Move in Survivor history, based on an online poll that’s been conducted for weeks. In addition to Tyson and JT’s stupid moves this season, Colby, James, and Erik were nominated for unwise plays in previous seasons. The winner for biggest idiot goes to JT for his idol trading earlier this season on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.

As the reunion show goes on, Rupert discusses how hard it was to play the game on two broken toes, Colby opens up about his lack of adventure during this season, stealing some of the joy of competing, Amanda gets emotional talking about how emotional the game is, while Stephenie uses her opportunity on camera to pimp out her restaurant. Cirie talks about the difficulty of breaking away from people’s preconceived notions before Jeff Probst takes a moment to acknowledge the first Survivor baby: daughter of Boston Rob and his Survivor-winning wife, Amber.


Before the live reunion show can end, Jeff Probst needs to announce the Sprint Player of the Season, voted on by the fans. It comes down to Rupert and Russell, fighting for the $100,000 prize. Villains reign yet again and Russell is granted the victory. Russell still thinks that America should ultimately choose the winner of the season. Says the guy who just won the award determined by voting Americans. A few more questions give Jerri the chance to express how proud she is of how she played the game and Danielle shares how hurt she was to be voted off and how much she regrets losing her cool on her final day. Courtney had fun all season and Candice is now a married woman (even though she delayed her wedding to compete on this season of Survivor).

The reunion show is about to end but not before Jeff Probst can rattle off some impressive stats about Survivor‘s 20 seasons and 306 episodes. In the show’s history, they’ve been to 15 countries, had 300 players, 500 challenges, 11 male winners, and 9 female winners. Using info and images from the previous winners, the ultimate Survivor prototype is created to reveal the ideal player. It’s basically a spin-off of Conan O’Brien’s “If They Mated” skit where little bits of every person’s image is combined to create a really freaky looking player. The whole point of this irrelevant exercise? To let the audience know that CBS is currently casting for the 21st season of Survivor, which will begin filming soon in Nicaragua.

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