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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Season Finale–And The Winner Is…

May 16, 2010 07:28 PM by Nancy Floyd

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

It’s time to crown a winner on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains! It’s down to one hero and four villains, duking it out for the $1 million grand prize. Reality TV Magazine’s very own, Ryan Haidet, is covering the red carpet at the live finale and reunion show. Keep reading for all the shocking and dramatic details on tonight’s season finale episode as a new winner is chosen…

Only five contestants remain on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains: one hero, Colby, and four villains, Sandra, Russell, Parvati, and Jerri. Sandra and Parvati have each won the $1 million grand prize on previous seasons. Do they have what it takes to add another $1 million to their winnings, or will another contestant defeat them and be crowned the winner?

On the evening of day 36, the remaining five contestants gather around camp to discuss Sandra’s use of the immunity idol in the previous tribal council. Russell is angry that Sandra kept the idol a secret from him, but Sandra doesn’t think it’s her responsibility to report her every move to Russell. The hidden idol also stirs up drama between Parvati and Russell since Russell thinks she knew about the idol as well and didn’t tell him. The act is enough to make Russell want to eliminate Parvati from the competition. Colby and Jerri are quick to jump on board with Russell’s plan to eliminate such a big threat.

Balancing Act

Day 37 at the Yin Yang camp brings a puzzling tree mail about today’s immunity challenge. Russell is hoping that Colby doesn’t win immunity so that he can be eliminated next. Russell, as always, has a backup plan, which is to eliminate Parvati instead. Russell thinks that a top three with Sandra and Jerri would almost certainly result in a victory for him. Tonight’s immunity challenge is about balance. Each contestant must balance a growing stack of dishes on a wobbly metal arm, trying to avoid losing their balance and sending the dishes crashing to the ground. The dishes get stacked nine pieces high when Sandra loses her balance and is out of the competition. When the dishes get up to 14 pieces, Jerri is out. Russell is the next one to be eliminated from the challenge, leaving Parvati and Colby fighting for immunity. The dishes get stacked to 17 high before Colby’s dishes go crashing to the ground, leaving Parvati with immunity.

Survivor: Heroes vs. VillainsSince Parvati has immunity, it seems like Colby’s the obvious choice to be eliminated at the Tribal Council. After returning to camp, Colby makes one final play….by basically pretending to give up. He gives a heartfelt speech about how he’s done trying to break up the Villains and he accepts what’s coming to him. The girls are feeling sympathy for Colby and seem to be wavering. Meanwhile, Colby waits until a prime opportunity to approach Russell and try to persuade him to eliminate Sandra instead. Russell mulls it over, but he’s fearful about Colby managing to make it to the top three and stealing the $1 million grand prize. That’s the trouble with being universally hated….you can’t surround yourself with people who are actually liked or it makes you look bad.

The five players head to Tribal Council to face Jeff Probst. Colby comes clean about his plea to Russell to eliminate Sandra. He also makes mention of the fact that Parvati would most likely be eliminated if she hadn’t won immunity which is news to her. After more talking about mistrust, it’s time for the players to cast their votes. Colby’s last-ditch attempt to stay in the game wasn’t quite enough and his torch is snuffed out. That means a Villain is going to take home the grand prize on this season of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Final Four

After the Tribal Council, Jerri, Parvati, Russell, and Sandra are thrilled to be in the final four. Parvati, though, is hung up on what Colby said earlier in the evening about her possible elimination. She finally realizes what a threat she is to the other players and how much harder she’ll need to fight if she wants to stay in the competition. As if to prove her point, the next morning when she wanders away from camp, Jerri and Russell begin strategizing about how to get rid of Parvati altogether. Parvati soon returns with a map and a note about their rites of passage and final task on the island. First, they must pay their respects to the previously eliminated players, pausing at each of their torches to remember them as if they died.

After paying homage to their “fallen comrades,” the final four players make their way to their last immunity challenge. Each contestant must make their way through a maze and collect four colored necklaces…while blindfolded. The only thing to help them are wooden guideposts which they must feel with their hands to direct them to the next necklace. Parvati and Jerri are leading the pack, quickly collecting three of the four required necklaces. Russell quickly finds his third necklace and then he and Parvati both find their fourth at the same time. Jerri soon gets her fourth necklace and they all race to find their way to get out of the maze. Russell, Jerri, and Parvati are literally within inches of the finish at the same time, but Russell stumbles upon the immunity necklace first, guaranteeing him a spot in the final Tribal Council.

Russell’s Girls

Parvati is nervous about her own fate as the team heads back to camp, wondering if she’s still “Russell’s girl.” Jerri’s quick to side with Russell, hoping to eliminate Parvati and secure a spot for herself in the final three. Russell makes it clear to Sandra that he wants to take her to the finals because he doesn’t think she’ll win against him. She quickly agrees with him because she’s desperate to make it to the finals, although she thinks she might have a fighting chance of taking the grand prize. Parvati tries to convince Russell to vote out Sandra instead. Things aren’t looking good for Parvati at this point, but with Survivor, who knows which way it’ll go?

At the Tribal Council, Sandra tries to make the case that she’s not a threat, Jerri makes the case that she’s not as big of a threat as Parvati, and Parvati alleges that she’s been loyal to Russell all season long and if he wants to redeem himself, he should keep her around. When Parvati says that she’s responsible for keeping Russell safe and protected this season, he gets annoyed with her but she refuses to back down. Is it enough to seal her fate? NO! Surprisingly, a last minute game play leads to Jerri being voted out instead. That means it’s Parvati, Russell, and Sandra in the finals!


Facing the Jury

On the morning of Day 39, Russell, Parvati, and Sandra wake up to find a small feast waiting for them. As they enjoy breakfast, they discuss their game playing abilities. Russell, as always, is full of himself and overconfident in his abilities. He’s annoyed that Parvati says she wouldn’t have voted for him if she was on the jury. Sandra is so sick of Russell’s arrogance that when he goes for a walk, she throws his hat into the fire.

After burning down their shelter, Parvati, Sandra, and Russell make their way to the final Tribal council to stand before the jury which consists of the following previously voted out players: Coach, Courtney, JT, Amanda, Candice, Danielle, Rupert Colby, and Jerri. Before the firing squad, er I mean, jury can ask questions of the final three, they each have the chance to plead their case. Sandra’s argument is simple: she’s a sole survivor. Her entire alliance was wiped out early in the game and she tried to eliminate Russell three different times, but she still managed to make it to the finals. Russell, on the other hand, just flat out feels like he played the game well. Nothing was ever meant to be personal and he apologizes if he offended anyone, but at the end of the day, he thinks he just has the skills necessary to win Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains. Lastly, Parvati’s defense is that she was a huge threat (although she didn’t realize it at first), but she played the ultimate social and strategic came by aligning herself with Russell (the dragon) whom she claims to have made her pet.

Colby is the first to address the top three and starts strong by calling Russell delusional. His real question is for Parvati and he wants to know what strategic plays she really used. She explains herself well, talking about how she had a target on her back from day one, but she managed to stay in the competition by outsmarting her appointments and securing solid alliances. Coach doesn’t bother with questions, instead giving a diatribe about each player: Sandra (the coattail rider), Russell (the schemer and liar), and Parvati (the manipulator). Courtney gives Sandra a chance to sell herself to the other jury members by asking about her unwavering loyalty. This gives Sandra a chance to show off one of her greatest strengths: faithfulness to her teammates.


Danielle wants to know if Russell would change anything about his gameplay. He has no regrets and Danielle is clearly bitter about it. Jerri wants to know why Russell voted her out instead of Parvati. Russell tells Jerri that he voted her out because he knew she could beat him. Parvati interrupts to tell Jerri the real reason she was eliminated: Russell feels 100% confident that he has Jerri’s vote on the jury. Candice rebukes Russell for telling dirty lies that were unnecessary to the game and scolds Parvati for staying loyal to Russell no matter what, like a wife in an abusive marriage. Rupert thanks Sandra for her honesty and commends Parvati for her strong playing. He rips Russell a new one though, calling him manipulative and deceitful and accuses him of taking the easy way out.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

The Final Vote

The jury is given a few moments to think things over before casting their vote for the winner of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains. Of the votes that are shown, Jerri, Danielle, and Coach vote for Parvati, and Candice, Courtney, and Rupert vote for Sandra. Not a single vote for Russell is shown.

Jeff informs the top three and the jury that the votes will be revealed at the live finale in New York City. Everyone is looking well-fed, less tan, and more clothed as they face Jeff Probst and a live studio audience (including our own, Ryan Haidet) in NYC. Jeff begins reading the votes, all of which are for Parvati or Sandra. Russell looks grieved as he realizes not a single jury member voted for him. Instead, the majority chose Sandra and she is crowned the winner of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains and the $1 million grand prize! The rest of this season’s cast comes on stage to congratulate Sandra on her second Survivor victory!

This season of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains isn’t over just yet. There’s a live reunion show coming up. Be sure to read our recap for all the details! And be sure to visit RealityTVMagazine all week long for Ryan Haidet’s coverage on the live season finale, reunion show, and red carpet action!

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