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Top Chef Masters: Tailgate Party

May 19, 2010 08:55 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episodeTop Chef Masters on Bravo, as our six remaining contestants inch closer to the finale, they endure a battle of the legs followed by a tailgate party. Since Jody Adams’ elimination last week, how will Susan fare being the only woman left? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

Top Chef Masters on Bravo opens tonight with Susan, who expresses her sorrow over Jody Adams’ elimination last week as she tells us how much she will miss Jody. But the question is, how will Susan hold up to a room full of men? Then it’s time for the quickfire challenge, which consists of legs, legs and more legs. The chef’s must cook a dish with legs of some sort, with everything from crab legs to frog legs! The reason for all the legs is that Jason Lezak, Olympic gold medal winner for swimming is in the house and on the judging panel!

The chefs scramble as its a free for all on Top Chef Masters on Bravo, and Rick runs for the octopus to accompany his egg in a hole. Tony and Jonathan grab the crab legs, and Marcus grabs the frog legs, yuck! Susur goes for the leg of lamb and annoys Tony once again by invading his space..Susur says Tony is his good luck charm, but Tony just seems annoyed by him. Susan goes with simple and does cumin-cilantro chicken legs and it pays off as she wins the quickfire challenge with 4 1/2 stars!


Next up on Top Chef Masters on Bravo was the elimination challenge, and this week it was for a tailgate party in which they would be cooking solely on a grill. For winning the quickfire, Susan gets some team gear to wear at the party. Susur is beside himself as he has never done tailgating nor does he know much about the grill and he begins to think this could be his week to go home. He decides to do something different cauliflower wrapped in bacon and dumplings…odd. Jonathan and Susan both go with tacos, while Marcus does a skewer and a burger. Tony tries to be different as well and does a grilled pizza, while Rick does grilled chicken.

At the judges’ table, Kelly calls up Marcus, Susur and Susan first on Top Chef Masters on Bravo. They are the top three and while Susur and Marcus both have good scores, Susan has the highest and is the winner! Two wins for Susan in one night and she also has won the most amount of money for her charity thus far, with over $32k. Tony, Jonathan and Rick are called in next and told they are the bottom three. Tony has a lower score than Rick, so Rick is sent to safety. Jonathan gets a higher score than Tony which upsets both Susur and Susan as Tony is asked to pack up his knives!

Be sure to tune in Wed at 10 pm EST for a brand new episode of Top Chef Masters on Bravo!

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