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Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin Adjusts To Life After The Show

May 20, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Kate Gosselin admits to dealing with some depression after her departure from ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but the mother of eight has found joy in her three other television gigs. Since leaving the dance competition, Gosselin has launched two new reality shows, Twist of Kate and Kate plus 8, and managed to land a job as a correspondent with Entertainment Tonight. Gosselin says busying herself with new work has helped her adjust to life after Dancing With the Stars

It’s been a month since Kate Gosselin was eliminated from ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars and the reality TV mom is just now starting to feel like herself again. “It was just about two weeks before I was like, ‘Oh, hey, I’m resettled back into life. I feel like a normal mom again,’” Gosselin says. She does admit to having “major withdrawals” after leaving the show and says, “It’s really difficult … There is a post-DWTS depression that they fail to tell you about.”

Fortunately, Gosselin has had more than enough to keep her busy since her departure from ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. In addition to being a single mother of eight children, Gosselin launched two new reality shows on TLC, Twist of Kate and Kate plus 8. She also nabbed a gig as special Dancing With the Stars correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

“[It] has been extremely exciting to hold a microphone, and I found that I am loving this side of it. I can talk. We all knew that, and so I really enjoy it,” Gosselin says about her backstage interviews at Dancing With the Stars. Delivering news from behind the ET desk hasn’t been quite as easy for her though. “It’s something that I feel is like a challenge — sort of like dancing,” she said. “But I know I can conquer that one … the dancing, not so much!”

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