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The Marriage Ref Season Finale: Demi Moore, Kelly Ripa, & Jim Breuer

May 20, 2010 08:04 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s season finale of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref, the celebrity panel is comprised of Demi Moore, Kelly Ripa, and…Goat Boy?! SNL alum Jim Breuer is the third panelist dishing our marriage advice tonight. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s marital disputes which involve mullets, diamonds, name changes, and sofas…

The first couple seeking mediation on the season finale of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref is Minnesota married folks, Sarah Jane and Tony. In the year they’ve been married, Tony’s undergone some significant changes. Mainly on the back of his head. He’s grown a mullet and he doesn’t want to part with it, despite his wife’s general disgust with it. Demi Moore, Jim Breuer, and Kelly Ripa are in agreement that the mullet is definitely not ok. All three celebs vote in favor of Sarah Jane on the mullet issue. Not surprisingly, Tom Papa also votes in favor of the wife, and Tony is forced to have his mullet shaved on national television.


Next up is Erica and Jesse. After four years of marriage, Erica still hasn’t taken Jesse’s last name, a subject that’s a bit sensitive to Jesse. He wants the entire family to have the same last name, but Erica thinks the idea of women taking their husband’s surnames is outdated. Hoping to hold on to a bit of her independence, she refuses to change. Let’s see what the celebrity panel has to say about this (especially since two of the three of them are married women who didn’t take their husbands’ last names). Jim Breuer is the first to speak up and he thinks unless a woman is a household name (a la Demi Moore or Kelly Ripa), she should take her husband’s last name. The audience apparently disagrees, as evidenced by their booing.

Kelly Ripa and Demi Moore can see the argument from both side. Although she’s always been known professionally by the last name Ripa, Kelly legally took her husband’s name and later had his last name tattooed on her wrist. Even though no one calls Demi Moore by the last name of her current husband (Ashton Kutcher) or her previous husband (Bruce Willis), she loves to be known these days as Mrs. Kutcher, and not just on Twitter. Jim Breuer sides with Jesse hands-down thinking Erica should change her name. Kelly Ripa thinks that it’s ridiculous for Jesse to demand that Erica change her name so she sides with the wife. Once Demi Moore learns that Jesse is ok with Erica keeping her own name for her profession, but just wants her to change it for their personal lives, Demi votes in favor of Jesse. Once Kelly hears Demi’s vote, she decides to change her vote to Jesse. Despite the fact that the entire panel votes in favor of Jesse, The Marriage Ref actually gives the victory to Erica.

Erica thinks her victory is due to Kelly Ripa and Demi Moore but is in for a shock when she learns the women actually voted against her. Kelly Ripa very eloquently explains that although she and Demi kept their maiden names for their professional lives, in their real lives they go by their husband’s names. This convinces The Marriage Ref to change his vote and give the win to Jesse.


The third couple seeking arbitration from NBC‘s The Marriage Ref is Carol and Keith. After fifteen years of marriage, Carol wants an upgrade on her wedding ring. She thinks she deserves a bigger diamond, but Keith disagrees. Keith has a nice new car, a boat, a four-wheeler, and property to hunt on; Carol doesn’t understand why he won’t buy her her dream wedding ring. The celebrity panel thinks that Carol is being a bit pushy about it, but also can’t understand why Keith won’t just buy her the ring. All three panelists vote in favor of Carol and think Keith should buy the bigger diamond. Tom Papa agrees and gives the victory to Carol. Keith suspected that the vote was going to go in her favor so he surprises his wife–and the audience–by pulling out a new (massive) diamond ring from his pocket. The celebrity panelist is shocked, the audience is wowed, and Carol is moved to tears. Major points for Keith!


The last couple facing The Marriage Ref is Joseph and Georgia. They’ve been married for 66 years and can’t come to an agreement on a sofa. Georgia wants a new couch, but Joseph thinks they’ll be dead too soon to enjoy it. The celebrity panel is in love with this precious couple, but not sure which way to vote. Tom Papa is going to let Kelly Ripa serve as the honorary Marriage Ref and make the call on her own. After consulting with Demi Moore and Jim Breuer, Kelly is ready to share her decision. Kelly Ripa thinks that Georgia deserves the couch so she grants her the victory. Joseph manages to become even more adorable when he congratulates his wife on the win and says she deserves anything she wants. Love those two!

That wraps up the first season of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref. What were your favorite moments? Who were the best panelists? Which celebs would you like to see dishing out marriage advice next season?  Visit our message boards and let us know what you think!

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