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Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay Revisits Past Restaurants In The Season Finale

May 21, 2010 08:00 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX, Gordon Ramsay heads back to revisit restaurants from the past. He’ll check in on The Handlebar, Casa Roma and Black Pearl and you will not want to miss what he finds out! Keep reading for all the details!

First up on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX, Gordon Ramsay heads to Long Island, NY to check in on The Handlebar restaurant. A year ago this place was in demise as their menu was awful with a chef who had no interest in being a chef at all. The owner, Billy was one of the rudest owners that Gordon Ramsay had ever encountered. This man would just walk out and pout because he did not want to hear what Gordon had to say. A year later as Gordon Ramsay checks in, he is surprised to see that this place is still booming as it was when he left. Upon visiting with Billy, he was pleased to see that Billy’s attitude was positive now as was his chef’s, who was also still there. But the real test was a taste test….this time around Gordon was delighted with the meal!

Next stop for Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX was Lancaster to revisit Casa Roma. The last time he was there, he had persuaded Nylah, the owner to fire her hot headed poor excuse for a chef. After they changed the menu to mostly pizza, Casa Roma had taken off for Nylah and her son, who helped her run the place. A year later when Gordon Ramsay checks in, Nylah has quite a few surprises for Gordon. She has cleaned house, with a new chef and her sons are no longer working there with her. But the biggest shock for Gordon was that Nylah’s new chef was one that had left Sebastion’s another Kitchen Nightmares restaurant and possibly the most arrogant owner that Gordon Ramsay has met. Nylah fills Gordon in on how well the business is doing and after a taste of one of their dishes, it is no surprise why!


Last up on Gordon Ramsay‘s list of stops was Black Pearl in NYC on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. Black Pearl was one Gordon’s toughest challenges due to the arrogance and negativity of one of it’s owners. Despite all Gordon’s efforts of renovating the restaurant and the menu, Dave, the owner was not happy with any of it, even a custom lobster tank that Gordon supplied him with! So it was no surprise to Gordon Ramsay that when he went back a year later, Black Pearl was shut down and in it’s place was a bbq house with different owners. Gordon decided to call the former waiter of Black Pearl to see what happened and he informs him that his last paycheck bounced and Dave even sold the lobster tank that Gordon had gotten for him.
I guess karma came and bite Dave in the you know what!

That wraps up this season of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX!

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