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The Hills: Heidi Montag’s Dad Speaks Out About Spencer & Plastic Surgery

May 21, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


In recent episodes of MTV‘s The Hills, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have secluded themselves from their closest friends and family. Although Montag’s friends, sister, and mother have expressed concern over Pratt’s controlling ways, Bill Montag is convinced that his daughter isn’t being manipulated by her husband. However, he admits he’s still “very worried” about her and “can’t even reach her.” Keep reading for more details on what Heidi’s dad thinks about Spencer and all those plastic surgeries…

Spencer Pratt apparently has one person in his corner: his father-in-law, Bill. Heidi Montag’s dad recently spoke out about his daugther’s strange behavior on MTV‘s The Hills, which includes cutting off her friends and family and undergoing ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. Despite the obvious warning signs, Bill isn’t ready to cast the blame on Heidi’s controlling husband, Spencer. ”Heidi is such a strong-willed individual that I don’t think that Spencer is going to manipulate her,” he says. “Also I think she knows, and so does Spencer: if I thought my daughter was in any harm’s way with Spencer, I would be there.”

Despite the fact that he isn’t concerned about Spencer’s influence, Bill Montag is still “very worried” about his daughter who changed her number in March and failed to give it to her family. ”I think that they’ll realize… there are people that love them and care for them and friends and family,” Bill says. “I pray for them to find peace and happiness. They’re not going to find it in crystals and light and all this stuff I’ve read about.”

As for Montag’s recent plastic surgery transformation, Bill is trying to be supportive and understanding (unlike his ex-wife, Darlene, who had a negative reaction to Heidi’s new look on a recent episode of MTV‘s The Hills). ”We don’t always approve of everything our children do, but we support them and we’re there for them,” he says. “She doesn’t need a lecture about the whole thing. I’m not sure she’s 100 percent happy with what she did or not. I don’t know. But the only thing I can say is we’re there and we’re her family. She and I were very close before this whole thing happened.”

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