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American Idol: No Rivalry Between Adam Lambert & Kris Allen

May 23, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Although Adam Lambert finished in second place behind Kris Allen last season on American Idol, there’s absolutely no tension between the singers. While fans continue to speculate on a rivalry between the two very different performers, Lambert laughs off the rumors and shares his respect for Allen. Keep reading for more details on their alleged feud…

Adam Lambert wants to clear the air: there is no beef between he and his American Idol competitor, Kris Allen. Although Lambert lost the competition to Allen, he thinks rumors of a rivalry between the two are silly and unfounded. Plus, he’s getting a little sick of talking about it. “It’s so old,” Adam told OK!. “If there was ever a rivalry it would have been last year and that wasn’t the case. He and I get along so well.”

Although Lambert recognizes the vast contrast between he and Allen, saying, “We’re so different,” he still has nothing but love for the American Idol champion. “We really respect each other,” Adam Lambert says. He also says that no matter how long the rumors last, they’re never going to amount to anything between he and Kris Allen. “People can try and pit us against each other, it’s never going to happen,” he said. “So, they can keep dreaming!”

Lambert thinks a lot of the feuding rumors stem from the differences between he and Allen, but he wants fans to learn to overlook them. “It’s like we should focus on our similarities as opposed to our differences and learn how to coexist. Kris and I were very different, but we get along great because we were both willing and wanted to and had the desire to get along,” Lambert says.

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