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Dancing With The Stars 05/24/10: Finally The Finale!

May 24, 2010 06:19 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, a new battle for the trophy began as the final three stars competed in a redemption dance and the Freestyle round. The show was packed with drama and each of the final three gave it their all, hoping to win your votes! Who did the judges pick to win it all tonight? Keep reading to find out!


First up on Dancing With the Stars was Erin and her partner Maks. Bruno came in and gave the couple some tips on how to improve their routine tonight. Bruno showed Erin how to loosen her hips in the Samba and taught Erin how to shake her ass! Their routine was cute and Erin was really moving it tonight. Len said that he was really studying their moves and thought that the improvement from her last Samba was fantastic. Bruno said that she moved her butt and his head was still shaking and Carrie Ann said that she felt that Erin moved herself up three notches with this dance. Their first score was 29.


Next Evan and Anna were dancing the Viennese Waltz. Len came out and gave Evan lessons to focus on Anna and the power they can create. Their routine flowed very well tonight and Evan was much less stiff this week. Bruno said the connection was there and he could feel the sparks. Carrie Ann said that is was a beautiful and emotional dream and Len said that the dance had grace and movement even if he collapsed a little bit on his standing leg. Their score was 28.


Next on the floor was Nicole and Derek performing their redemption dance. Carrie Ann came in and told them the dance would be the Rumba as last time Nicole was too tight during her dance. Carrie Ann gave Nicole permission to let herself go. Nicole was beautiful…again! Carrie Ann said that Nicole became vulnerable and she caught the lift in the end. Boo…Derek tried very hard to place it after the music stopped, but he miscalculated. Len said that he loved the dance, but occasionally he felt a lack of confidence and Bruno said it was erotic and beautiful. Their score was 28.

Erin and Maks then returned for their Freestyle round on Dancing With the Stars. They decided to do something different by doing a Contemporary routine. The dance was amazing and oh so beautiful. I wasn’t sure how the judges would enjoy a Contemporary routine and Len said that in part they pulled it off. Bruno said that it was a Psycho drama and some of the steps were quite incredible and Carrie Ann loved the choice especially since Contemporary is not his specialty. 26 for their score with a total of 55.


Next on the floor in tonight’s Freestyle round was Evan and Anna. Nothing that Anna threw at Evan tonight during rehearsal seemed to be good enough, but the couple came out and rocked it! I don’t think Evan is good enough to win it all, but who knows…every Olympic champion on the show has won in the past! Bruno told Evan he appeared demented and he lost some precision and Carrie Ann said the dance was odd. Len said he thought they took the path of least resistance and it wasn’t what Len wanted to see. Their score was 24 with a total of 52.

Last up tonight with the Freestyle dance was Nicole and Derek. Nicole was hoping to get everyone out of their seats with her hot as fire routine. Carrie Ann said that is the Freestyle we have all been waiting for. Len said he saw it all in the dance and it was fantastic and Bruno said it was dazzling creativity. Their score was 27 with a total of 55.

Tomorrow night on Dancing With the Stars, the coveted mirror ball trophy will be placed in one of these three finalists hands. Vote for your star to win America and return tomorrow night at 8 PM ET to see if they are crowned the winner, only on ABC.

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