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The Bachelorette May 24 2010 – America’s Sweetheart Meets Her Men!

May 24, 2010 08:00 PM by Candace Young


On ABC’s season opener of The Bachelorette, we take a look back at Ali Fedotowsky’s heart-breaking experience on last season’s The Bachelor, when she left Jake Pavelka for her job, and he wouldn’t invite her back after she changed her mind. Ali explains that she found love and let it go, but she won’t make that mistake again…

The first bachelor we meet is Frank from Illinois, a bespectacled enthusiastic type who is sure he’ll marry Ali!  Next up is Jay, a lawyer who is ‘super-stoked’ to meet Ali since she’s gorgeous.  Craig from Toronto, looks like he is caught in a wind tunnel, with flowing locks swept back off his face.  There’s an outdoorsman called Kyle, who just needs a woman, and who shows off his recent kills.


Another contender, is actually a professional wrestler – Justin hails from Toronto, and is the smallest wrestler I’ve ever seen.  Philip from Chicago is your typical investment banker – he has shifted his priorities in the wake of his brother’s death.  Jonathan is a cute-ish weatherman from Texas who juggles.

Ty from Tennessee is in medical sales and wants a family – he looks promising.  Chris L is a high-school teacher who lives in Cape Cod – he is looking for a soulmate.  ABC zips through the remaining guys before it’s time for us to see them meet Ali.


Ali arrives at the mansion in a black evening gown and chats with Chris Harrison.  They discuss how she can know if the men are there for the right reasons (in light of recent seasons), and Ali admits it will be difficult for her to tell.

The first limo full of guys pulls up and Chris meets Ali, who is very nervous. Jesse meets her next, and asks how she feels about dating a peculiar man! Chris L is the next to meet Ali, he shares with her about Cape Cod. Ty the medical salesman lays his southern charm on her, before our bespectacled enthusiastic guy – Frank – pops out of the sun roof and proclaims that they will be married someday!


The next limo contains Justin, the wrestler, who presents himself on crutches.  Jay the slender lawyer greets Ali, but there is no chemistry. Chris N jumps out of the limo and gives Ali a rose! Next out is charismatic outdoorsman, Kyle, and Roberto, who Ali deems ‘sexy’.  Craig M of the windblown hair emerges and stays cool. Three unremarkable guys follow.  15 down, 10 to go!

The next limo arrives. Jonathon the weatherman is speechless as he takes in Ali’s appearance. He is followed by Craig R, a lawyer, Steve, a sales representative who licks his lips in a curious fashion, and Kirk. Tyler M comes out of the limo and promptly puts his foot in his mouth by telling Ali he loved that she wore cowboy boots when she first met Jake – she didn’t! Awkward guys, Hunter and Derek, are next up. Philip and another Derrick pass through quickly. Last up is hotshot, Jason, who does a backflip off the top of the limo, which makes Ali squeal!

Chris tells Ali about the first impression rose, and sends her in to the cocktail party! Ali laughs nervously and sits down. The men ask her what she’s looking for and the word honesty comes up.  Frank drags Ali outside to talk and further alienates me with his self-talk. Kirk declares to the other men that he made a scrapbook for Ali of the most important things in his life. He takes some ribbing, but Ali likes it. Kasey, who speaks fast and low, tells Ali about some life-altering experience, but it’s anyone’s guess what it is.


Hunter tries to get a giggle by singing Ali a goofy tune with a ukelele. Derrick explains how he got the nickname ‘Shooter’ in college (it has to do with something happening too quickly), and paws Ali’s knee prematurely as well. Craig from Toronto and the weatherman have a bit of a face-off over Ali’s attention. Chris appears with the First Impression Rose, which prompts Roberto to steal some one-on-one time. Back inside, Justin holds up the rose to his lapel and announces to the others that this is where it will be later!

Chris from Cape Cod and Kyle the outdoorsman both score big points for being real, but Jay the slender lawyer misses the mark. Justin charms Ali with his pro wrestler routine, and takes some tense teasing from the guys about promoting himself.  Craig R warns Ali that some of the men may not be here for the right reasons. He also give her a keychain with a yellow sneaker.


In a new twist, Chris Harrison asks the men to put down the name of a guy they think it not there for the right reasons, and to put it in a ballot box. As the guys debate, Jesse the general contractor takes Ali outside and presents her with a heart necklace – sweet but sexy.  Ty spends time alone next – she loves his southern accent.

Ali gives the First Impression Rose to Roberto the salsa dancer!


Chris Harrison tells Ali that one man received an overwhelming number of votes in the ‘not here for the right reasons’ box. It was Justin the professional wrestler. Ali takes him aside to talk.  Justin defends himself and winds up with a rose keeping him safe!

Rose Ceremony

Ali thanks the guys for being there, saying she knows what it’s like. She offers roses to:  Jesse, Ty, Craig R, Tyler B, Frank, Steve, Chris L, Kirk, Tyler V, Chris N,  Chris H, Hunter, Craig M, Jonathan, and Kasey.  Ali says goodbye to the other men, including Jay the lawyer, ‘Shooter’, and Kyle the outdoorsman.

Coming up on this season of The Bachelorette is a performance by the Bare Naked Ladies, world travel, the trials of a very emotional bachelor, and a shake-up when one bachelor is revealed to have a girlfriend!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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