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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Theresa Giudice Gives Birth, And Danielle Is Coming To The Brownstone!

May 24, 2010 08:23 PM by Jennifer


Danielle agrees to step into forbidden territory on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVOwhen she agrees to attend an event at the Manzo Family owned Brownstone, and Theresa Giudice gives birth ! Will she finally have a boy, or will she add another little girl to her beautiful clan? Keep reading to find out!

The episode starts as Theresa goes into labor, and after some painful labor she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named Audriana! She joins big sisters Gia, Gabriella, and Milania, and she and her husband Joe couldn’t be happier. But will they eventually try to add a baby boy to their family? You never know.. As Dina visits her in the hospital, Theresa asks Dina to be the baby’s Godmother, and the two shed a few tears together as Dina is flattered.

Caroline Manzo’s son Christopher visits a famous strip club in New York City to do research for a business he wants to start, a car wash/strip club chain. Interesting combination at that.. When he gets his turn at running a local carwash, his parents pull in to see how he is doing, and get to see half naked girls waving cars in from the street and helping to wash the cars. It draws alot of business so he may be on to something.


Meanwhile,on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVO Jacqueline and her husband sit down for a nice glass of wine and she tells him that she wants to know what he keeps in the huge safe in their basement. Her husband Chris reveals a gun collection, which shocks Jacqueline. But nothing shocks Jacqueline more than when Dina calls and asks to have a meeting with her and Caroline. When they start to talk, Dina tells them that her spiritualist, Zen Jen, suggested that she sit down and have a talk with Danielle to clear the air. This is the last thing that Caroline wants to hear, and she thinks Dina is nuts for wanting to talk to that psycho.

On a more serious note, Danielle knows someone who’s daughter who is only 15 months old and suffering from a rare form of cancer, and her friend wants her to make a donation and attend a benefit for the young girl, at the Brownstone, which is owned by Caroline’s family. This is the last place Danielle wants to be, but she is willing to put her feelings aside for a good cause. It is nice to see her doing something good and not something mean or selfish for a change. But that goes right down the drain when she has two of her friends over, Danny and John, two ex-felons. She wants Danny to escort her to the event at the Brownstone, and she seems to think that this guy is going to intimidate the Manzo’s. She is really proud of the fact that this guy will have her back and “speak without words”. For someone who said that she was trying to change, I don’t think having an ex-felon take you to an event like Bonnie and Clyde is the way to go.

But when Caroline’s husband tells her that the family of the little girl wants Danielle to make the presentation at the fundraiser, Caroline gets really mad. Caroline said she could care less, and that no matter what Danielle does, Caroline has her number. But the previews for next week’s episode shows Danielle’s escort starts to mouth off about the Manzo’s, and the police get involved! Look like another juicy episode!

Tune in next next Monday at 10 p.m. EST for more drama on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVO . See you after the show!

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