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American Idol 9 May 25 2010 – Final Performances for Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox!

May 25, 2010 06:00 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest opens the last performance show on FOX, saying that it’s Simon Cowell’s last week on American Idol, and the last chance for the final two contestants, who both came forward in the Chicago auditions, to prove they should win. Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox are brought out to the screaming of the 7,000 fans in attendance. Judges Ellen Degeneres, Randy Jackson, and Kara DioGuardi anticipate Lee’s first performance…

Lee Dewyze, who wasn’t always a rock star, but instead loved sports, is first on stage live tonight, singing The Boxer from inspirational week. It’s understated but very good.  Randy notes it wasn’t energetic, but it sounded nice – he has to pick it up. Ellen thinks he did it better than the first time. Kara agrees with Randy that he needs to push more, but she loves that he was connected to it. Simon expects more passion – that was a kiss on the cheek when he wanted a kiss on the lips!


Crystal Bowersox, who played her first gig at a young age in a coffee house, takes the stage with her guitar tonight to sing Bobby McGee.  Crystal really brings the energy that was missing from Lee’s performance. Randy says it started slow, but by the end she picked it up and was back to the Crystal they love! Ellen thinks she is so compelling on stage. Kara loved it – she has fire in her belly tonight! Simon says it reminded him of the time they fell in love with her – he thinks they have a competition tonight!

Next up, Lee is back singing the executive producer’s song choice for him, which is Everybody Hurts! Randy thought it was a lot better than the first song. Ellen thinks he pulled back a little at times. Kara notes that he is emotionally accessible – she loves that. Simon thinks it was a brilliant song choice for him, but he feels that Lee is nervous.  He asks for a 10 out of 10 on the last performance.


The executive producers chose the song Black Velvet for Crystal. She takes the stage in red lighting, and gives the tune a sultry arrangement. Notably, she has only a mic, no guitar, and really rocks it out.  Randy shouts that Mamma Sox is in it to win it! Ellen calls it a fantastic performance! Kara says she wants it, and you can tell! Simon muses that he’s almost allergic to that song, but she absolutely nailed it!

Lee comes out one more time to sing Beautiful Day, which is the song he will release if he wins! In red sneakers and a black leather jacket, Lee really belts it out, but I still feel like he’s nervous or it’s lacking something. Randy says he got the groove with his voice by mid-song. Ellen talks about the process of watching him grow and taking in the crowd’s energy tonight – he did a great job. Kara thinks he got swallowed up a bit in the song, but he deserves to be there tonight. Simon thinks he made the most of it, and adds that it’s his last time judging and he wishes Lee the best. Ryan tells Lee he’s been a class act all the way through and he wishes him the best of luck.


Crystal is singing Up to the Mountain, which will be her first release if she wins the competition. It has the feel of a gospel/country tune.  She belts it out in spots, much to the delight of the crowd, and she gets a little emotional at the end. Randy calls it an amazing song by an amazing singer – it was incredible! Ellen thinks she’s unique and in a league of her own. Kara notes that sometimes her walls have been up, but tonight she could see everything going on inside her – amazing. Crystal interrupts to wish Simon well in the future. He tells her that her performance was the best of the night, and for his final critique – he would like to say, “Outstanding.”

Ryan Seacrest tells Simon they really are going to miss him – he’s a true friend. Ryan also alludes to some surprises on tomorrow night’s show! To end the show, Will Young sings Fall Any Deeper live while a montage of this season’s highlights plays on the big screen.

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