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Dancing With The Stars 05/25/10: And The Winner Is…

May 25, 2010 08:02 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on the finale of Dancing With the Stars, all of the seasons cast returned in an opening routine straight from old Hollywood and after a dramatic first elimination the final two stars danced their hearts out hoping to win the mirror ball trophy. Only one took home the crown on this big night. Who was it? Keep reading to find out who won Dancing With the Stars!


First up on Dancing With the Stars with the judges ranking dance was Nicole and Derek. They came out to perform the Argentine Tango. Their dance was fierce and on. Len said it had passion and was clean and crisp. Bruno said he was happy to see the magic continue and Carrie Ann said each step and move was like a beautiful masterpiece come to life.


Next up was Evan and Anna dancing their Argentine Tango. This dance would be hard to improve on as they received a perfect score last time. Evan brought power and control to the dance floor tonight and Bruno said the Evan danced the dance like a real lady killer keeping it slick and stylish. Carrie Ann said that the dance was true redemption. Len said it was the most fantastic season he has ever known.


Erin and Maks also danced the Argentine Tango as the judges ranking dance and once again Erin and Maks bickered throughout the rehearsals. Their dance was as sexy and sweet as before and this time Carrie Ann said that Erin and Maks were not making it easy as all three were amazing. Len said that in ten seasons judging, the three Tangos is the hardest job he has ever had. He also said Erin had come the furthest from the beginning. Bruno said that Erin was out for it and she has had the most spectacular growth.

The scores ranked as follows: 26 points were Erin and Maks, In second place with 28 points was Evan and Anna and in first place with 30 points were Nicole and Derek.


Up next on Dancing With the Stars the first three stars from season 10 were welcomed back to the dance floor Shannon, Aiden and Buzz. Buzz was beamed in and danced in a sequined astronaut outfit that was as cute as could be.

Jake and Vienna then danced along with Kate and D’Mitry and believe it or not, Kate was actually good tonight. She must have practiced since she was kicked off.


The first revelation of the night took place on Dancing With the Stars with Erin and Maks heading home. Evan and Anna and Nicole and Derek would be the couple dancing for the trophy. Erin and Maks did one more spin on the dance floor to a standing ovation.

The college kids were back and this time Purdue went against Utah Valley for the college crown with the judges choosing Utah Valley.

Kate came back out and performed a medley of her best…hmmm I mean worst dances!

Derek and Nicole chose the Jive as their knock out dance and Evan and Anna chose the Quickstep. Nicole was going flat out to knock them out and Evan was going to show the judges that he was ready to win!

Next, Niecy and Pamela came out and danced a jiggly part routine with the pro male dancers including Louis and Damian. It was HOT!


Nicole and Derek then performed their break out dance and the crowd went crazy! Len said there were twelve days of Christmas, seven dwarfs, but there can only be one winner of this show and it should be you! Bruno called their dance the crowning glory of this amazing season and Carrie Ann said she comes to work every day excited to see what they are going to do. Their score was 30!


Evan and and Anna then came out and danced their Quickstep. It was sweet, but did not compare to Nicole and Derek. Bruno said that Evan’s performance level has enhanced and he is now sexy and charming. Carrie Ann said that Evan has won the hearts of everyone because he is a true champion. Len said that Evan has been a joy to watch. Their score was 28.

So who won Dancing With the Stars? Nicole and Derek!

Dancing With the Stars, returns in the Fall only on ABC.

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