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The Bachelorette: Chris Harrison Dishes on Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelors

May 26, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


The season premiere of ABC‘s The Bachelorette gave viewers a chance to scope out the 25 men vying for Ali Fedotowsky’s heart. Struggling to make a memorable first impression, the bachelors used every trick in the book during the opening cocktail party to catch Ali’s eye. Chris Harrison, host of the reality dating show, shares his thoughts on the guys’ funny, unusual, and embarrassing tactics and what’s in store this season…

The season premiere of ABC‘s The Bachelorette certainly didn’t contain the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, but it had its fair share of comical, awkward, and cringe-inducing moments. Ali Fedotowsky’s, the show’s newest star, met her 25 suitors and chit-chatted over champagne at the first cocktail party of the season, before eliminating eight guys. The bachelors did everything in their power–from backflips to origami–to make a lasting impression on The Bachelorette. The reality dating show’s host, Chris Harrison, dishes on his opinion on the men’s arrival.

“Kyle, who went home, went with the fishhook maneuver — a classic move that I normally would rip apart, but you know what, it played okay,” Harrison writes. “Craig M., who will undo all the goodwill Jillian created for Canada on our show, came out with a knock on Vienna. I’ve got to stick up for my friend Vienna and say, ‘Not a cool move, buddy.’ Kirk created a paper rose for Ali… it worked all right. Tyler M. made the biggest gaffe of anybody during the arrivals. Note to all men: If you’re going to make mention of something that a woman did, like wear cowboy boots, make sure you’ve got the right woman! Ali didn’t wear cowboy boots on night one.”

Despite the ridiculous antics of most of The Bachelorette contestants, no one made a bigger fool of himself than Derrick, aka “Shooter.” Regarding Derrick’s conversation with Ali in which he explains his nickname’s origin, Chris Harrison writes, “I would say bless your heart, but you did this to yourself, my friend. Telling Ali your nickname is ‘Shooter’ was bad enough. ‘Shooter’ is just not the kind of nickname a woman is going to find cute or endearing. But when you tell her you ‘earned’ that name due to premature ejaculation…. Damn, dude, what can I tell you? That’s just not something any woman wants to hear two minutes after meeting you.”

Now that the first cocktail party is out of the way, this season of ABC‘s The Bachelorette promises much more drama, traveling, and heartbreak ahead. “This season takes us around the world and back,” Chris Harrison says. “I’ve been known to throw around the word ‘dramatic’ from time to time, but to say this season has plenty of drama doesn’t fully explain all that lies ahead. The tease at the end of the show gives you just a little taste of all the trials and tribulations Ali will have to deal with right up to the very end. It’s our 20th season, a huge milestone; I think you’ll agree when it’s all said and done that this may be our best ever.”

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