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Top Chef Masters: Food Of The Greek Gods

May 26, 2010 08:46 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on Top Chef Masters on Bravo the five remaining chefs must complete a guessing game quickfire and a Greek God challenge. Who will have what it takes to make it into the final four, and who will be packing up their knives this week? If you want to know how these challenges turned out and whether or not Susur managed to find a new chef to annoy since Tony’s elimination, you’ll have to keep reading!

First order of business tonight on Top Chef Masters on Bravo was the quickfire challenge. In this quickfire, instead of cooking, the chefs would be tasting! The chefs teamed up, with the exception of Jonathan who got a free pass into the second round of tasting to taste a sauce and guess it’s ingredients. In the first round, Susan and Marcus were eliminated as Susur, Rick and Jonathan moved to the second round. In the second round of tasting, Jonathan guessed butter instead of ginger which he claimed was stuck in his tooth and got eliminated.

It came down to Susur and Rick in the final round and Susur incorrectly guessed that they was garlic in the lobster sauce, leaving Rick as the last man standing and the winner of the quickfire challenge. After the quickfire challenge, Kelly surprised Jonathan with a birthday cake shaped like the French Alps, which is where he normally spends his birthdays. What a nice gesture that was completely appreciated by Jonathan!


Next up on Top Chef Masters on Bravo, the chefs would be cooking food of the Greek Gods for a dining room of fifty people. Each chef drew a knife to determine which Greek God would be the inspiration of their food. Rick, who happened to get Hades, God of the underworld took it to heart as he ran around the kitchen chuckling evilly as he prepared his dish. While all the other contestants knew exactly what they would be making, Susur, who had chosen the God of wine, had no idea what to make as he knew nothing about the Greek Gods, or at least that is what he told the audience! He did get it together though and they all managed to pull it together nicely for the dining guests tonight, even more so without Susur getting on anyone’s nerves!


At the critics table on Top Chef Masters on Bravo Marcus and Rick were told they were the top two spots tonight, with Rick with a whopping 18 stars…he was in tears, and for good reason, that is two wins tonight for him….I am starting to sense a pattern here, anyone else? Susur was scored and then Susan, who had the lower score leaving Susur headed back to safety. Jonathan was scored next and he beat out Susan by quite a few stars, much to his surprise! So this meant that Susan, after her stellar performance last week was going home tonight. In the end she did win over $32k for her charity though so she must be proud of what she accomplished there!

Be sure to tune in Wed at 10 pm EST for a brand new episode of Top Chef Masters on Bravo!

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