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American Idol: Why David Cook & Adam Lambert Skipped The Finale

May 29, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


The season finale of American Idol was full of celebs and previous Idol contestants, but two stars were noticeably absent: season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert, and season 7 champ, David Cook (who was the only previous winner not present). So where were Lambert and Cook during the star-studded affair? Keep reading for more details on why they skipped and which star wasn’t invited in the first place…

Wednesday night’s season finale of American Idol was a star-studded extravaganza from start to finish. Huge music stars like Janet Jackson, Chicago, Alice Cooper, and Bret Michaels graced the stage in addition to nearly 50 former American Idol contestants. Winners from every season were present for the show to pay homage to longtime judge, Simon Cowell, except for one: David Cook was absent from the event. Also missing was season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert. Rumors have been flying about the whereabouts of the two singers, but they both took to Twitter this week to set the record straight.

Reports were circulating that Adam Lambert wasn’t at the American Idol finale because he blew off the rehearsals, but the star says he actually hadn’t been invited. Ouch! Lambert tweeted about his absence this week. ”HAHA. I have now just been made aware of more gossip and rumor mill: First of all, I was never asked to appear on the finale in any capacity,” he wrote. “All I ever heard was: ‘you’ve not been asked to perform on finale. Would you like to sit in the audience?’ Me: sorry-Too much work to do today.”

Adam Lambert has also been busy with preparations for his upcoming tour. ”Would have loved 2 have been at the Idol Finale to wish Simon farewell and support the finalists, but this tour for my fans is my priority,” Lambert wrote. “Was put on vocal rest yesterday from MY show’s rehearsals which doubled the work 2 do 2day since all equip. Had 2 be sent back east tonight.”

As for David Cook, he was busy with another event the same day as the American Idol finale. The singer, who has been raising money for cancer research, was at a charity event in Kansas City, but he expressed his sadness about missing the finale. ”Congrats to Lee Dewyze! So sorry I could be there to see all my fellow idols. I’m there in spirit!” Cook tweeted.

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3 Responses to “American Idol: Why David Cook & Adam Lambert Skipped The Finale”

  1. Lisa Princ Says:
    June 1st, 2010 at 7:39 am

    I was wondering where my two favorites idols were – thanks for posting this!

  2. duke jiony Says:
    September 6th, 2011 at 10:29 am

    i hope they are ok and they dont have to show didnt invite them in first place because the new producre is very owfal bad

  3. Hunnzy Says:
    January 8th, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Cook was so sincere about his absence at the finale. Adam on the other hand was so sad he wasnt a main performer! He was so full of himself about that! He would have been with the other idols on stage as they sang farewell to Simon! But no that wasnt good enough! His ego is so pitiful!I use to be his fan but now he disgusts me!


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