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The Bachelorette: Sexy Men Calendar!

May 31, 2010 06:56 PM by Candace Young


The Bachelorette kicks off tonight on ABC, with Chris Harrison briefing the guys on the different type of dates they might have with Ali Fedotowsky, and scenes of the guys hating on Craig from Toronto. Chris gives the group the first date card of the night, it’s a one-on-one date, and goes to…

Frank gets the one-on-one date. He’s super pumped up about it. Ali arrives to pick him up and they leave in a turquoise convertible fifties-era car! The other men watch with envy as they drive away. Soon, Ali and Frank find themselves on the side of the freeway when the car dies! They run until they find a cab, then head to Hollywood! Ali is besieged by fans, which Frank handles pretty well. He’s sure they are meant to be.  Next, they go to the Hollywood sign! They chat there, and Frank tells her he thinks a chance at love is more important than a career. They kiss.


Back at the house, Craig R and Craig L are confronting Justin over lying about being a professional wrestler. Justin says he told Ali the truth and that’s all that matters.

Ali takes Frank parking in the repaired car for their dinner date. Frank spots the rose and thinks that he needs to get it. Ali tells the camera that she’s crazy about Frank and she wants him to know – no games! She offers him the rose.

The guys get the next date card – it’s a group date.  Male drama ensues when Craig R picks a younger guy apart.

When the time comes for the group date the next day, Ali takes her twelve guys to Malibu, where they learn they will be doing a photo shoot – a sexy men calendar for charity!  The men are dismayed by the bizarre trunks and banana hammocks they will be wearing.  Jonathan the weatherman is upset in particular, but he comes out looking amazing. The guys each get a chance to pose with Ali, but Ty from down south sets himself apart by serenading her on guitar.


Later, Ali takes all the guys out for the evening portion of the date. She gets one-on-one time with Ty, who tells her he was married before. Jonathan, who is determined to warn Ali of the evils of Craig from Toronto, interrupts their heart-to-heart.  He tells her how he feels about Craig, and she hugs him.  When Jonathan returns to join the other men, Craig rides him relentlessly. Justin sits down with Ali, and she tells him she likes him even if the others are suspicious. She actually crosses the couch and cuddles right into his arms! Ultimately, Ali offers the rose to Ty!

The handful of men still back at the house get cufflinks with the initials ‘JB’ – Jesse has the next date!

Ali admits she finds Jesse really sexy. She meets him on a tarmac and takes him on a private jet to Vegas! Ali is nervous on the flight and he takes her hand.  When they land, Jesse is stunned by the sight of a red convertible Ferrari! Jesse is impressed with her fearless driving.  Ali and Jesse go to Liquid pool lounge, which they have to themselves. In swimsuits, they eat oysters poolside, before getting wet.

Later, Jesse and Ali dress up for dinner in an amazing suite. Ali wants to see if there is a real connection between them before she will offer a rose. Jesse opens up about himself enough to please her. She offers him the rose.  Happily, they head into Haze nightclub, where a musician plays just for them. They dance…and kiss.


Back at the house, Craig from Toronto dresses up in Jonathan’s clothes to make fun of him.

Ali arrives for a cocktail party with the seventeen remaining men the next night.  Ali tries to connect with the guys she hasn’t seen this week yet. She chats with Chris L, who tells her about this two younger brothers.  Roberto also gets some alone time, during which they tell each other how good looking they are. He shares about his baseball career, and they play catch. She learns how to teach a knuckleball. Kasey gets with Ali, but Frank steals her away. The others cringe as they share an intimate kiss.

Inside, Craig M mocks Jonathan some more. It comes off really bad, and the others feel the tension. Ali comes in and Craig stands up to greet her, but she takes Jonathan instead.  He reiterates how he feels about Craig M. Ali talks to Craig next, and she calls him out on looking away when he speaks to her. He behaves very strangely throughout the conversation. He learns that someone called him dangerous. He goes back in the house and calls a meeting to find out who warned Ali against him.  Jonathan winds up in the hot seat, but will only say his conversation with Ali is private.


It’s time for the Rose Ceremony. Frank, Ty, and Jesse are already safe. Ali offers roses to Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L, Justin, Steve, Kirk, Chauncey, Craig R, Chris M,  and the final rose goes to Jonathan, who she thanks for having her back. Craig M and Tyler V leave.

Next week, the Bare Naked Ladies appear!

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