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True Beauty: Season Premiere!

May 31, 2010 08:00 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, the new season of True Beauty kicks off in Vegas. The contestants already know they are beautiful on the outside, but the hidden cameras will reveal how beautiful they are on the inside. Hosts Beth Stern and Carson Kressley will join judge Vanessa Minillo as they eliminate one hopeful each week, and reveal the true nature of the contest. Read on to meet this season’s contestants…

Vanessa greets Carson and Beth in the spy room to brief them, before they go to meet the contestants. Regina from New Jersey is first on the runway, followed by Michael the actor/model. Liz from Cuba, who states that she is beautiful and powerful.  is out next. Taylor, who likes indulgences comes out, and he is followed by Erika the glamazon girl. JD, who admits people call him ‘Mr. Fantastic’, struts out grinning from ear-to-ear – he gets on Carson’s last gay nerve. Michelle is a white girl with a black girl booty.  David the DJ/astrologer loves himself. Amy is a bartender who says one to ten isn’t a big enough scale for her. Last up is Craig, the blond retail manager who has a knack for picking up women.  They all think they are competing to be the ‘Face of Las Vegas’.


As Vanessa and the judges watch via camera, the hopefuls check out their new digs. Arguing over beds ensues, with Liz becoming a little feisty. Taylor gives her the bed she wants.  Regina and Amy take to bashing the other girls.

As they prepare to go out, the boys prove to be as fussy in the mirrors as the girls – David is the most vain. They meet Carson, who tells them they have 20 minutes and 200 dollars to create their perfect Las Vegas alter-ego.  He adds that the two with the least popular looks will have to go to the final face-off.  The judges will watch each contestant as they go to the boutique and deal with a salesperson called Paige, who actually works for the show. Paige will give them a chance to steal a coveted item after they pay.

Michelle is in first and turns Paige down.  Amy goes in next. She too, declines the offer to take something out of the store. Craig shops in the boutique, and takes a vest from Paige! Taylor is tempted with a pair of sunglasses, he won’t take them.


Regina really wants a beautiful boa, but she won’t take it from Paige. Erika eyes up some hot shoes, but proves to be honest as well. Michael falls prey to Paige’s smile and steals an item from the boutique, but David shuts her down. JD also fails as he allows Paige to put something in his bag. Liz first insults the boutique’ stock, and then steals the item without hesitation!

Back at the house, they all dress up as their alter egos. Michelle is suspicious that Liz’s outfit was under $200.  Carson arrives to tell them they will get in glass booths and people will pass by and vote with tokens.  They compete intensely, using all sorts of means to get voters to drop in their token. Liz gets the most votes.  Carson says that Michael, David, and JD (the three who stole) had the lowest number of votes. Michael is told he is safe. JD and David are the bottom two.


Back at the house, Liz lords it over the others that she won. They call her a hot mess. David and JD pretty up and pack as they head off to plead their case.

Vanessa, Carson, and Beth discuss the competition. They wonder if Liz won because she had an advantage with her stolen outfit. They feel that David acts like he doesn’t really want to be there and David does. They set up a test for the pair. JD stops to help a lady untangle her dog’s leash, but David just about pushes the lady out of his way!

JD and David face Beth and Carson. They center out JD first, commenting on his failed attempt at being a drag queen. David is told his look wasn’t terribly creative. JD tells them he took a big risk last night, which showed his confidence. David touts his ability to connect with everyone on the strip.  Carson tells David he is safe, and JD is going home. Vanessa comes in to reveal the spy camera footage to JD.  He looks on with dread at the video of him stealing from the boutique.  As he leaves, surprised, his photo is put in the trash!


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Photos courtesy ABC.

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