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America’s Got Talent: Season Premiere!

June 01, 2010 06:57 PM by Candace Young


America’s biggest talent search kicks off it’s fifth season on NBC tonight, as host Nick Cannon along with judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel, begin the America’s Got Talent search in Las Vegas, Nevada – where the winner will ultimately headline their own show!  Hopefuls turned out in record numbers in such cities as New York, Orlando, Chicago, Portland, and tonight, in Los Angeles…

Day 1 Los Angeles

The judges are introduced and take their seats. Howie Mandel remarks that he’s been judging at home in his underpants since the beginning, and promises that this year, they will find a star!  Among the first contestants are two little dancers known as Future Funk. They say they will spend their winnings on toys.  In little black track suits, they do an awesome hip hop routine. Howie calls it the first ‘wow’ moment of the season, and all three judges give them a ‘yes’!


A 31-year old male singer originally from Brazil comes out prepared to live the American dream next, but Howie’s buzzer goes off before he can begin. Everyone recovers, and Ranses starts singing Dust in the Wind in a bizarre, high voice! It’s not long before all three X’s are lit up! A group performing a vaudevillian operatic fantasy is up next, but they are gone pretty quickly.

The Dare to Flair juggling team takes the stage – they also get three buzzers in quick succession.  They are followed by the Chainsaw Chicks, who work on ice blocks in their Daisy Duke’s! Again, with the buzzers.  Swing Shift Sideshow emerge from the wings. They do a series of circus acts.  The leader staples things to himself, the next person does something with fire, and the last guy twists metal into his nose and then rotates it with a drill! They also stick pins through their cheeks and swallow swords.  Everyone has an ‘omigod’ face. Howie is fascinated, Piers calls it repulsively compelling, and Sharon has seen it all before. They go through to the next round.


A dancer called ‘Nugget’ from Brooklyn is ready to try his luck. He unzips his partner from a suitcase – together they are the Ringmasters.  They start out dancing well, but become a bit of a freak show with some bizarre double-jointed moves.  Howie says he’s never seen anything like that before! Sharon enjoyed it. Piers feels it all went wrong with the bendy freak show stuff.  They go through in spite of Pier’s ‘no’.  The Mona Sampath Dance Company dances to Jai Ho, and they also go through.  Mas, a male belly dancer also gets approval. A group of six called Kung Fu Heroes also get the nod, after Sharon calls them the best martial arts group they’ve ever had!

In the last session of the day, the judges see dancer, Haspop, from France. He does a mix of mime and pop n’ lock and is really entertaining! Piers hasn’t seen anything like that in his life, Sharon wanted it to go on, and Howie says it was phenomenal! They all give Haspop a ‘yes’!


Day 2 Los Angeles

The first act on the second day of auditions is a sexy girl in a black leather catsuit with a mask and whip! She announces that she is going to paint. Maricar does a sensual paint dance on three clear canvases, which when put together reveal a likeness of her own masked face. Piers is on his feet! Sharon calls it stunning. They all say ‘yes’.  Next up is a 72-year old dancer. As his wife watches in the wings, Evan does a snappy funk dance to a James Brown tune. Piers buzzes, but Evan finishes. The judges pass, but enjoy his energy. Nick joins Evan for a dance!

Hannibal Means, a voice teacher with a deep laugh, performs for the judges. He positively belts out Hallelujah while playing a small piano.  Pier’s buzzer goes, but he concludes and gets a standing ovation.  Piers complains about the piano playing, and says ‘no’. Sharon and Howie both give him a ‘yes’! A group of cheerleaders and a group of snake charmers both go through, as well as a trapeze act!

A rock band made up of Beatle-esque youngsters performs and easily makes it to the next round. A man from India who does impressions takes the stage. He does Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Piers thinks he has no talent, but Howie and Sharon put him through! A group of former homeless military veterans are set to sing.  New Directions Choir performs Old Man River, and they are brilliant! The judges and crowd give a standing ovation! Sharon says it was emotional, but they are also great singers. Howie calls it inspirational.  Piers deems it one of the most powerful and inspiring things ever to be on the show – they all say ‘yes’.


No Shade, a duo with bedazzled microphones, are up next on America’s Got Talent.  They sing, rap, tumble, and dance.  As soon as they begin to sing Piers hits his buzzer, and Howie soon follows. Sharon asks where they left their voices, Howie advises them not to sing, and Piers says they sounded like a couple of wounded animals! They get three ‘no’s.  Noteworthy, a group of students from Berkeley don’t fare much better – they butcher Pokerface.  Jilla, a performance artist coated in glitter who works with fire, gets a quick goodbye as well.

A young man who grew up poor in Mississippi and wants to help his grandmother who raised him comes on stage. Michael plays acoustic guitar perched on a stool. He has a beautiful voice and croons a bluesy tune, holding the audience enraptured. Nick Cannon, in the wings listening, says he has a superstar’s voice! The crowd gets to their feet as he finishes. Piers says he has real talent, Sharon notes his soulful voice, and Howie agrees he has talent. They all put him through without hesitation. Afterward, the judges marvel over his pure talent.

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Photos Courtesy: NBC,  Parrot Chronicles

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