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Hell’s Kitchen: Season Seven Premiere

June 01, 2010 07:41 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight Gordon Ramsay is back in the season seven premiere of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX. In what is being claimed as the craziest season yet, we’ll meet sixteen new hopefuls who must endure the wrath of Chef Ramsay. And just what, exactly does Gordon Ramsay do in an attempt to make Hell’s Kitchen history on their opening night? Keep reading for all the details!

First up on the season seven premiere of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, we met sixteen new hopefuls. The contestants are: Andrew Forster, a 28 year old farmer from NY; Autumn Lewis, a 29 year old personal chef from CA; Benjamin Knack, a 33 year old culinary instructor from MA; Ed Battaglia, a 28 year old culinary teacher from NJ; Fran Klier, a 44 year old catering chef from NY; Holli Ugalde, a 24 year old banquet chef from CA; Jamie Bisoulis, a 26 year old sous chef from IL; Jason Ellis, a 37 year old personal chef from GA; Jay Santos, a 32 year old executive chef from MA; Maria Torrisi, a 24 year old kitchen supervisor from PA; Mikey Termini, a 29 year old line cook from HI; Nilka Hendricks, a 28 year old line cook from NY; Salvatore Coppola, a 33 year old pizzeria chef residing in NJ, but from Italy; Scott Hawley, a 32 year old executive chef from CA; Siobhan Allgood, a 25 year old pub executive chef from PA and Stacey Slichta, a 38 year old private chef from NY. You can check out their full bios on FOX.

Upon meeting the season seven contestants of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay puts them to their first test: cooking their signature dish for him. Once everyone has finished, Gordon Ramsay calls up one aspiring chef, who claims to be a mom and a cookbook author and then tells her that her dish is plain and sloppy looking like she is. After tasting her dish, he tells her how good it is and starts kissing her…I mean, really kissing her! Turns out, it was actually Gordon Ramsay‘s wife in disguise! Chef Ramsay was trying to prove his point that he doesn’t care where they are from, what they look like, or what they do as long as they can cook. Point well taken!


After filling the contestants in on what is at stake for them this season: the executive chef position at one of Ramsay’s restaurants in England, Gordon Ramsay quickly starts tasting their signature dishes and decides it will be guys versus girls. Only one dish got thrown in the trash, which was by Holli and Ramsay was extremely disappointed in Salvatore’s dish since there was no home made pasta with him being from Italy. The strangest dish, however was a tartar made by Andrew who claimed to like to eat his meat raw, so much so that Gordon asked him if was the Hannibal Lecter of Hell’s Kitchen. In the end, the guys won the challenge and the girl’s were punished for losing by having to wake up early to cook breakfast in bed for the boys.

That punishment was extremely painful for the ladies on the season seven premiere of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as Gordon Ramsay kept waking both teams up every half hour or so most of the night for video tutorials on his menu. Why was doing this? Because at the time when he met the contestants, he made them all promise that they would make Hell’s Kitchen history this season by completing their very first dinner service on opening night! Yikes, this one was going to be hard to pull off, but I wouldn’t put it past Chef Ramsay.


Dinner service on Hell’s KitchenFOX was a complete nightmare, so much so that yes, we got to hear Gordon rant and rave about what donkeys they all were. With screw up after screw, and Maria laughing about it, Gordon Ramsay had enough and sent three of the ladies back to the dorm for the evening. As the drama and messed up dishes continued, Gordon sent one more of the gals and three of the guys back the dorm as well. With nine remaining, in a remarkable feat, they actually completed dinner on the opening night with what looked like Ed leading pack. Even though the service was completed, Chef Ramsay was not a happy camper and told the girls to go back to the dorm and choose two of them to go up for elimination tonight.

After debating it, most of the girls agreed to send Stacey, who couldn’t seem to get it together and Fran, who didn’t notice the difference between crab meat and lobster meat. So then it was time for the first elimination on the season seven opener of Hell’s KitchenFOX and Gordon Ramsay decided that it would be Stacey who would be handing in jacket this week as he felt her desire was not there.

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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