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Losing It With Jillian Series Premiere: The Mastropiestro Family

June 01, 2010 08:41 PM by Nancy Floyd


Jillian Michaels is leaving behind The Biggest Loser ranch to spend time with unhealthy families across the United States on her new reality series, Losing It With Jillian. Tonight’s series premiere kicks off in Wilmington, Massachusetts when Jillian Michaels moves in with the an Italian family with big personalities and even bigger waistlines. Keep reading for all the emotional details on tonight’s series premiere…

The Mastropiestro family have tried quick fixes (read: gastric bypass surgeries) to shed pounds, but still struggle with major health issues and excess weight. Jillian Michaels will be moving in with the Italian family for a week to help kick their oversized butts into shape and help them confront their deeply-rooted emotional issues.

Tonight’s series premiere of Losing It With Jillian begins when Jillian Michaels calls a very shocked Mastropiestro family to let them know she’ll be moving in. I’m not entirely sure why they’re so stunned to find out they were chosen for the show, considering an entire production crew was there to tape them receiving the phone call. Jillian’s first order of business: an intense workout with the entire family at a local fitness center where the tough-as-nails trainer screams until she’s hoarse. Her yelling seems to be contagious because before long, the junior Mastropiestros are screaming at one another as well. Whenever one of the Mastropiestros raise their voice, it brings out their wicked awesome Boston accents.


Back at the Mastropiestros home, Jillian has a near heart attack when she witnesses them cook dinner. It turns out that fried food, sticks of butter, and high amounts of vegetable oil are the stuff of Jillian’s nightmares. Michelle, the daughter of the family, is the enabler of the bunch who prepares the food her parents want (even though it lacks any real nutritional value). It’s time for an emotional grocery store run for Michelle and Jillian. Jillian teaches Michelle invaluable lessons like “fruit is good” and “fried food is bad.” Naturally, this results in tears.

After grocery shopping, Jillian takes a walk with Mama Mastropiestro to discuss her constantly fluctuating weight. It doesn’t take long for yet another sobfest, as Mama M. opens up about losing her son as an infant. Not only did she lose her baby boy, but no one in the family is willing to discuss it. Jillian thinks that Mama M. (also known as Agnes; great name) needs to find her voice so Agnes is put in charge of the next family workout. Agnes clearly has some built up aggression because it doesn’t take long until she’s channeling her inner Jillian and screaming like a maniac at her husband, Jimbo. Yep, his name is Jimbo.


After the workout, it’s time for a family meeting. The tears come in record time when Agnes pulls out a photo album with photos of her deceased son, James Jr., who died a month after birth. Agnes confronts Jimbo for never discussing their son since his death and for the fact that his grave was never marked with a headstone. Jillian suggests that the Mastropiestro family honors James Jr.’s memory by getting a tombstone for his grave. The emotional confrontation leads to an honest and vulnerable conversation between the family about the importance of addressing their issues with one another.

The next task that Jillian has for the family is to go tuxedo and dress shopping for Michelle’s upcoming wedding. The guys are in and out of the tux shop relatively quickly, only pausing long enough for Jimbo to learn that he needs to lose several inches off his waistline if he wants to fit into the tuxedo that Michelle picked out. The dress shopping takes a bit longer since Agnes can’t find a dress she feels confident in. There are even more tears when Michelle tries on a wedding dress for her family.

At dinner, Jillian gains a little insight into Michelle’s emotional state when she makes a derogatory statement about herself and how she looked in her wedding dress. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Michelle is the only member of the Mastropiestro family who is actually thin, yet she can’t see herself as attractive. During the next family workout, Jillian and Michelle have an emotional heart-to-heart about how Michelle needs to learn to love and accept herself. Guess what that results in? More tears.


It’s time for a third-grade exercise next where the family members pass a ball between themselves and each person has to share one of their personal goals when they receive the ball. This leads to even more tears when each family member sets a weight loss goal and Jimbo starts sharing his desire to be a better father and husband.

The Mastropiestro’s week on Losing It With Jillian is coming to a close….for now. Jillian will be leaving the family for six weeks to give them the opportunity to work on themselves and their health. She’ll return just in time for Michelle’s wedding, but she can’t quite get out the door without one more sobfest. Even Jillian’s eyes are filled with tears as the family shares their appreciation and gratitude.

When Jillian returns for the wedding, she’s proud to see how wonderful and healthy the Mastropiestro family looks. Jimbo’s dropped 48 lbs. and lost 10 inches from his waist size, Mama M. lost 34 lbs. and lowered her cholesterol, and brother Michael lost 25 lbs. Jillian’s so proud of their success thus far that she not only gives a speech at Michelle’s wedding (which seems a little weird to me, but whatever), but she also picks up the tab for the wedding and gives Michelle and her new husband and all-expenses paid honeymoon.

Tune in to NBC for another brand new episode of Losing It With Jillian next Tuesday night at 10pm EST when Jillian works with a single mom with a serious hoarding issue.

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