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America’s Got Talent: Dallas Auditions!

June 02, 2010 06:56 PM by Candace Young


America’s biggest talent search kicked off it’s fifth season on NBC last night, as host Nick Cannon along with judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel, began the America’s Got Talent search in Los Angeles. Tonight, the auditions move to Dallas, Texas! Read on for the highlights!

A technological performance art group called ArcAttack starts off the show in Dallas. Essentially, one member of the group puts on a suit and gets struck by lightening (electricity).  They begin playing music but nothing much else happens, so Sharon buzzes. Then the man in the suit steps forward and conducts arcs of electricity through his body to the music! Nick shouts, “This is amazing!” Howie loved it, Piers calls it an incredible audition, Sharon thinks it’s too technical. Howie and Piers put them through!

A young man named Jeremy is next. He tells the camera that if his act went wrong he may not die, but he probably wouldn’t want to live.  He goes on stage and informs the judges he’s a genital daredevil! He puts a bucket over his crotch, pulls down his pants, and Sharon and Piers hit their buzzers!


Jeremy asks Nick to light a lighter for him, and Nick begs Howie to ‘hit the damn buzzer’, but he refuses! Nick flicks the bic, and Jeremy drops a little bomb in the bucket, where it explodes! The audience goes wild. He doesn’t get through to the next round.

A contestant named Jenna makes a splash when she comes on stage and offers Howie a private dance later. She is there to sing, however, and performs You’re No Good…ironically.  Sharon and Piers buzz, and Howie offers her a dollar bill! Sharon tells her the only thing missing was the poll, Piers says the lyric was very appropriate, and Howie chimes in with a ‘no’.

The Mutley Crew is up next. Bert and Frannie bring out numerous small rescue dogs, which perch on pedestals. Who Let the Dogs Out plays, and the pups perform various tricks. Piers likes the mutts and says ‘yes’. Sharon and Howie agree – they’re through! Other acts such as Le Freak, Tip Townsend (karate), and Erin the professional burlesque dancer also go through.


Eighteen year old Taylor Matthews has come with his dad to perform on his acoustic guitar tonight in Dallas.  He sings a knee-slappin’ version of Over the Rainbow, which get the crowd clapping.  Howie and Sharon both liked it, and Piers says a woman in the audience wants to marry him, adding that he loved the whole damn thing! Taylor gets three ‘yes’s!

Ray Sanders is there to play a rare instrument – the turkey baster! He gets started, but all three buzzers go off in quick succession.  Also not going through are Nancy Fancy, Jason the magician, and Jason the cruise ship singer.

Ms Donna twirls flaming Samoan knives. They move some of the audience members, and Donna admits to the judges she’s partly blind! Some country music starts, and Ms Donna lights up and starts swinging flaming knives! The judges duck and cover as they try to reach for their buzzers!  Howie says ‘no’, but Piers and Sharon put her through.


A little dancer/rapper is up next. CJ fills Howie in on all his girlfriends before the music begins.  He’s awesome! Piers likens him to Eminem, Sharon grins over him being a ‘playa’, and they all put him through!

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Photos Courtesy: NBC

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