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So You Think You Can Dance 6/2/10: Los Angeles & Chicago Auditions

June 02, 2010 08:18 PM by Nancy Floyd


So You Think You Can Dance is continuing its quest to find America’s Favorite Dancer on an all-new episode tonight. Cat Deeley and the judges are back to critique contestants in two more rounds of auditions in Los Angeles and Chicago. Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s moving, amazing, and just plain weird performances…

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance starts with auditions in Los Angeles, the city that’s brought some of the greatest talent to the show in the past. The dance hopefuls will be facing judges Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, and newbie Hi Hat. Yep, that’s her name. As always, dancers will be auditioning in hopes of receiving a plane ticket to the Vegas callbacks. If the judges are unsure about a dancer, they’ll be offered a chance to try their hand at choreography before making a final decision.

The first aspiring dancer is 18-year old peppy cheerleader, Lauren F. from Arizona. Lauren is a contemporary dancer who is hoping to wow the judges with her “sexy” performance. She takes the stage and struts her stuff to Let’s Get It On. The judges are impressed with her audition, despite the fact that she couples stripper moves with a smiley cheerleader face. Regardless of her risque moves, the judges are impressed with her talent and give her a ticket to Vegas.


The next dancer on So You Think You Can Dance is wacky dance ninja, Hella Hung. Hella talks for a long time before his audition but I can’t understand a single word of it. I can, however, read the creeped-out expression on Cat Deeley’s face as he tries to grope her. He attempts what I think is breakdancing and the best part about his audition is the song choice (Jackson 5 baby!). Not surprisingly, the judges don’t think Hella is right for the show and send him home.

The next hopeful, 18-year old Rachel, has been dancing for a whole two weeks. She has, however, been training as a rhythmic gymnast for nine years. Her performance is filled with amazing tricks and the judges are wowed. They definitely want to see more of Rachel and send her to Vegas. Rachel’s performance seems like a great opportunity to segue into a video montage of impressive lyrical dancers in Hollywood. There are a ton of them and they’re all women. Are there any talented guys in Hollywood? It’s not looking good.

Next up? Ballroom dancers, Cristina and Pepe. Christina is a So You Think You Can Dance alum, making it to Vegas callbacks last year. Her fringed sequins outfit is shaking during their energetic salsa routine. All three judges are enamored with Cristina (and send her straight to Vegas), but have their doubts about Pepe. He, however, makes it through to the choreography round to try to earn a spot in Vegas as well.

The last dancer on day one of Hollywood auditions is 18-year old adoptee, Taylor. Although she never had a chance to meet her biological mom before she was murdered, one of the few things that Taylor knows about her is that she loved to dance. Her birth mom’s passion for dance has motivated Taylor to pursue it as well. Her audition is powerful, yet manic, but the judges enjoyed it enough to send her through to the choreography round.

So You Think You Can Dance alums, Courtney Galiano and Jason Glover, teach the choreography round. Salsa stud Pepe is too overwhelmed by the steps to continue. He drops out before even appearing before the judges. Taylor on the other hand learns the choreography, but doesn’t impress the judges enough to gain a ticket to Vegas.


It’s time for the second day of Hollywood auditions on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Alexi is the first dancer of the day to face Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, and Hi Hat. The lyrical dancer made it to the finals on season 6 but was cut just shy of making it to the top 20. She’s back to try to earn a spot on the show, and not surprisingly, the judges adore her. Nigel Lythgoe gives the ultimate fake-out, pretending to hate Alexi’s performance, before presenting her a ticket to Vegas. Oh Nigel, you old trickster, you.

Tap dancer Melinda is the next gal to audition for the judges. She’s cute, quirky, and freaky talented. She’s also a dead ringer for Ione Skye from Say Anything. I only wish John Cusack had stood off-stage to play her audition music through a boombox held over his head. Adam Shankman and Hi Hat love Melinda’s routine, but Nigel accuses her of being rude to Stevie Wonder by tapping out of rhythm to his music. Say what? In any case, the judges put Melinda through to the choreography round to see what else she can do.

The final dancer to audition in L.A. is 18-year old contemporary dancer, Ryan. She nearly had to give up dancing a few years back due to financial strains in her family, but a chance encounter with So You Think You Can Dance choreographer/judge, Mia Michaels changed everything for her. After seeing Ryan dance at a convention, Mia offered her a job assisting during a previous season of So You Think You Can Dance. The judges all recognize Ryan’s amazing dance talent, but criticize her poor performance ability. Ryan is given a chance to try her hand at choreography. Both Ryan and tapper Melinda breeze through the choreography round and get tickets to Vegas.


After an overdramatic video montage featuring clips of aspiring dancers saying cliche things like “go hard or go home” and “you’ve got to give it your all or you’ll never make it,” it’s time to see what Chicago has to offer. Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman in judging the contestants are guest choreographer Stacey Tookey.

The first dancer to audition in Chi-town is small-town Ohio boy, Kent. Before he even auditions, the 18-year old contemporary dancer finds a fan in Cat Deeley who wants to pinch his adorable little cheeks. Despite looking 12, Kent delivers a strong and beautiful performance. The judges are impressed with Kent’s skills, but want him to work on his performance overall. Adam Shankman gives him this invaluable nugget of wisdom: “You need to get inside of the music and then let the music get inside of you.” Um, I’m not really sure how that’s supposed to work but whatevs. In any case, Kent makes it through to choreography.

Grab your Kleenex, it’s time for a heart-wrenching story about fraternal twins, Andrew and Tyler Phillips from Indianapolis. Tyler suffers from spina bifida, confining him to a wheelchair. Andrew has spent much of his life taking care of his twin and wants to make it on So You Think You Can Dance for both of them. His contemporary routine shows potential, but his technique needs some work. The judges decide to give him a shot at choreography, although they’re doubtful he’ll make it to Vegas.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had anyone to mock on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Enter “hick-hopper” Melinda. There’s way too much to ridicule here. Should I make fun of her giant frizzy pigtails? How about her fringe suede vest? Her painted on jeans? Or her created form of dance, hick-hop, which combines line dancing and hip hop? And from the looks of her performance, hick-hop also includes pitiful cartwheels. The judges pass on Melinda (shocking), but she chalks up the rejection to her nerves. Yeah sure, Melinda, you’re just nervous. Go with that. I bet that’s what’s keeping you from making it on the show.


The final dancer to appear before the judges on day one of the Chicago auditions is tank-top wearing, Adrian. He’s a giggly nervous mess before taking the stage, but his contemporary routine blows the judges away. After Stacey Tookey calls him “the best contemporary dancer of the day,” Adrian is given a ticket to Vegas. During the choreography round, small town boy Kent, and twin Andrew attempt to impress the judges. Both guys manage to wow Nigel and the gang and earn a spot at the Vegas callbacks.

It’s time for day two of Chicago auditions. First up: a dorky white kid who attempts freestyle hip-hop. His business casual attire and white sneakers are a dead giveaway that he’s going to suck. And he does! The judges aren’t impressed with his spastic movements or complete lack of knowledge about the show, so dorky dude gets the boot and proceeds to dance down the hallway and street.

Next up, it’s Steve Urkel’s twin, Christopher, who does some freaky amazing popping and locking. The dancers are impressed with his audition, but not enough to send him to Vegas. He’s given a chance to move through to choreography. Apparently, so is nearly every other aspiring dancer who auditions today as evidenced by the video montage that follows Christopher’s performance.

Twenty-year old contemporary dancer, Jarrod is next. His facial expressions are a little disturbing, but his performance is strong. Nigel thinks he’s “amazing,” Stacey thinks he’s “adorable,” and Adam calls him “special.” After calling Jarrod’s mom on stage to show off some moves from her cheerleading glory days, the judges send Jarrod through to Vegas.

The final dancer of the night is 25-year old hip-hopper, Jarrell. Despite being deaf, Jarrell has some impressive moves. The judges are inspired by Jarrell’s performance, although it isn’t quite strong enough to send him through to Vegas. After the choreography round, Urkel’s long-lost bro, Christopher doesn’t impress the judges enough to make it to Vegas.

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night at 8pm EST on FOX for auditions in Dallas and Nashville.

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