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Top Chef Masters: Dishes Inspired By The Groundlings

June 02, 2010 08:29 PM by Jennifer


As the Champions Round continues on an all new episode of  Top Chef Masters on Bravo, the remaining four cheftestants bring out their best to try and make it to the final three. But will they be able to step out of their comfort zone and into each others shoes? Who will be packing their knives tonight? You will have to keep reading to find out!

It is now down to four, and for tonight’s quickfire challenge, the cheftestants are told that that they must pair up with a partner and cook something using a recipe from their teammates cookbook! Susur Lee teams up with Rick Moonen, and Marcus Samuelsson teams up with Jonathan Waxman. The chefs are given all of the ingredients they need for one of the recipes in the cookbook, and the men try and put their own spin on each dish. As the cheftestants start to cook, they all are pretty confident in their dishes, that is until Kelly Choi comes in and tells the guys that they are not getting off so easy. They must creats a soup based on the recipe that they were asked to follow, basically breaking down that meal into a soup version using the ingredients.

As the chefs present their soups to the judges, Marcus was pleased to hear that they liked his Chicken Soup with crispy tortilla chips with avocado and guacamole and that it won him the quickfire challenge, and was received $5000 for his charity. As they were waiting to hear about their elimination challenge, Kelly tells the guys that they are getting a day off before the challenge, and that they are going to see an Improv comedy group in Los Angeles called the Groundlings. But of course they know that their day off probably comes with a catch, and it does. During the show, the audience chooses random words and when the men notice that some of them are foods, they realize that the spotlight is now on them, and the host tells them that the words the audience chose are for their elimination challenge! Marcus, as the winner of the quickfire challenge, got to choose his combo first, and he took violet, pleasure and salmon. Susur goes next and picks chocolate, lust and peanut butter (yum), Rick chose red, anger and bacon, and finally Jonathan chose depression, avocadoand burnt sienna. I don’t know what you think, but to me Susur has the easiest and best ingredient words, while Jonathan got stuck with what was left over.


After they get all of their ingredients, all four guys try and use as much of the improv inspiration as possible, and Rick realizes that his dish is not cooking as fast as he would like. Susur, on the other hand, is taking it to a whole new level and creating underwear and vaginas out of chocolate. Yes, you read that right, vaginas. Sounded gross at first, but then when he mentioned that it brings out comedy it all made sense for the challenge. As time is winding down, Rick realizes his pork loin has not cooked all the way, and he is afraid that he may be going next!

As the judges and the Groundlings sit down to eat their food, Rick serves his dish first, and although they liked his dish, the pork was undercooked. They tried Marcus’ dish next, and they loved his caviar and salmon dish, even though it looked like something violent happened on the plate. Jonathan serves them a meat and potatoes dish that they all loved. Last but certainly not least was Susur, and his dish first left them all silent, until someone suggested it looked like a vagina, and they all had a good laugh and were impressed by his humor, and really liked his dish. But unfortunately for the four, there is only room for a final three.


As the chefs wait in anticipation on this episode of  Top Chef Masters on Bravo, they share one last toast together before they walk out and face the judges to find out who is going to move forward. Marcus shined as the judges loved his massacre of a dish, and Rick pointed out that even though his pork looked rare, it was cooked to the right temperature. When they came to Susur, they pointed out his dish tasted good, but they did see the humor in it.

As the judges give them their stars, they are please to tell Susur that he has made it through to the final, and Marcus is also thrilled to hear that not only is he in the finale, but he has won the elimination challenge and $10,000 for his charity Unicef. But sadly, Rick and Jonathan are left as the bottom two, and you can tell by looking at them that they both want to move on very badly. But there can only be one, and Jonathan receives 11 1/2 stars in total. Rick, on the other hand, receives 13 1/2 stars, and he is moving on to the final! Even though Jonathan did not make it to the final three, he still won $17,500 for his charity, and I am sad to see him go. So are the other cheftestants.

Who will be the next Top Chef Masters on Bravo!? Will it be Susur, Rick or Marcus? Tune in next Wednesday to see the finale and who wins it all!!

Be sure to tune in Wed at 10 pm EST for the season finale of Top Chef Masters on Bravo!

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