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America’s Got Talent: Are Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Expecting a Baby?

June 03, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Speculation continues to grow over whether or not Nick Cannon, host of NBC‘s America’s Got Talent, and his singing superstar wife, Mariah Carey are expecting a baby. The couple is remaining mum on pregnancy rumors, but Cannon recently added fuel to the fire when discussing the possibility of the news and how he and his wife would go about sharing it with the world. Keep reading for more details on how Cannon expects Carey to make the pregnancy announcement (if there’s anything to announce at all)…

Are they or aren’t they? Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Nick Cannon, host of NBC‘s America’s Got Talent, and his pop star wife, Mariah Carey, are expecting a baby. The couple refuses to confirm the news, but Cannon tells the press that if and when the time is right, Carey will share the announcement in her own way.

“I’m pretty sure that when my wife is ready to make any announcement it won’t be to the media, to the public, first,” Cannon said. “She’ll tell her family, she’ll tell her friends, and then, you know, when she’s ready to share with the rest of the world, who is her extended family and friends, then she’ll let everybody know.”

The America’s Got Talent host isn’t worried about how his wife, Mariah Carey, will handle such a major announcement, since she’s so experienced with dealing with the media.  ”My wife has been in this business for a long time and dealt with so many things, she knows how to handle herself. She’s a very, very strong woman, probably the strongest woman I know, and I love her dearly. So, when she tells me something, I’ll tell y’all, probably after I tell my mama,” Cannon says.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are certainly accustomed to handling pregnancy rumors since getting married two years ago. ”It’s probably a question I get asked more than anything: When are we having children?” he said. “Of course, being married you want to start a family. … But you can’t say, ‘Well yeah, next week, Thursday, on the 4th, we gonna do this, and then we plan on having the child.’ You know, you gotta leave all that stuff to God. That’s in God’s hands. So, when it happens, it happens, and we’ll be happy.”

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