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The Bachelorette: What Host Chris Harrison Thinks About Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelors

June 03, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


There are still 14 guys in the running for Ali Fedotowsky’s heart on ABC‘s The Bachelorette and each one seems to be drastically different than the next. There’s Ty, the guitar-playing Nashville country boy, Justin, the insincere playboy with a wrestling alter ego named Rated R, Frank, the quirky aspiring screenwriter, and Roberto, the sexy Latin baseball player. Fans are divided about which guy they’re rooting for and Chris Harrison, host of ABC‘s The Bachelorette, sounds off about what he thinks of each one…

The new season of ABC‘s The Bachelorette is only two episodes in, but the bachelors vying for Ali Fedotowsky’s heart are certainly creating strong first impressions. Not only on Ali, but on the fans and host Chris Harrison as well. First, there’s Ty, the Nashville boy who wooed Ali on the beach with a song. “Don’t judge Ty by his guitar because I think it’s cheesy, but I really like Ty. He’s a good guy, he’s another one of my favorites this season, so I was like, ‘Aww man, c’mon, you’re better than that.’ I want to do away with all the guitars for a while. If I could play guitar, I would play it all the time, but we’ve had such a run lately of guitar players on the show,” Harrison says.

Another suitor who made a strong impression on The Bachelorette is Frank, the quirky aspiring screenwriter from Chicago who earned the first one-on-one date of the season as well as the first kiss. “It totally depends on who the bachelor/bachelorette is on how fast the feelings develop,” Harrison says. “With Frank, especially, they hit it off. With the car breaking down, they just rolled with it, and….it almost made it more real for them. So I think they just had a great date, they really hit it off early, [but] I’m really surprised, too, that they went that far [and kissed]. It almost seemed like a date three or four weeks in, not one week in.”

With the departure of Craig from Canada on last week’s episode, the most controversial guy in the house this season seems to be Justin, aka “Rated R,” a professional wrestler who has his sincerity questioned by the other guys. Considering that spoilers have been leaked about Justin’s involvement in a major scandal this season of The Bachelorette, it seems the other suitors are right about him, but at this point on the show, Ali Fedotowsky is still forming her opinions about him. Chris Harrison hints about the drama on next week’s show, saying, “You see the advancing of Justin and the guys continue to question him. Nothing he does makes him a bad guy; in fact, it all looks good in Ali’s eyes … Justin doesn’t really fit in that high school or fraternity clique that the rest of the guys are in. That starts coming to a head next week.”

Lastly, the guy that seems to have had the biggest effect on Ali Fedotowsky (and earned the first impression rose in the process) is Latin baseball player, Roberto. The Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison, speaks out about how gaga Ali seems over Roberto. ”All I can say from the completely unprofessional, unreliable poll I took poolside at a barbecue yesterday, half the women love Roberto. He’s ‘forbidden,’ he’s ‘yummy,’ what else did I hear. There were women there that are like, ‘Are you kidding me? I could eat him up he’s the sexiest Latino man I’ve ever seen.’ They just love this guy. It’s like the second coming of Antonio Banderas. The other half of the pool is like, ‘I don’t get it.’ It’s really funny because he’s not polarizing, you can’t hate Roberto, but some people are just literally driven crazy by this guy. I guess if you’re under his spell like Ali is, he does it for you.”

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