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The Bachelorette: Jesse Csincsak Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Details About The Show

June 05, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Ever wonder how guys get selected for one-on-one dates each week on ABC‘s The Bachelorette? Or have you been curious about why some guys seem to be virtually ignored by the cameras and editors? Find yourself dying to know how much the Bachelorette really reveals to her suitors about her feelings? Jesse Csincsak, former winner of ABC‘s The Bachelorette during Deanna Pappas’ run, reveals behind-the-scenes, insider details on what goes down on the show…

Jesse Csincsak was the last man standing on Deanna Pappas’ stint of ABC‘s The Bachelorette. The couple is no longer together, but Csincsak has stayed connected to the dating show franchise, hosting reunions for previous contestants. Still a fan of the show (despite his failed relationship), Csincsak has been faithfully tuning into Ali Fedotowsky’s season and opens up about what goes on behind-the-scenes as The Bachelorette searches for the man of her dreams. He addresses the process guys go through to get selected for dates, how much Ali is allowed to share with her suitors, and why the cameras focus on some contestants but ignore others.

“Sorry to start out by bursting your bubble about The Bachelorette but Ali doesn’t pick who goes on the dates with her,” Csincsak says. “She tells producers what kinds of things she likes to do and the producers set all of them up. The guy that gets chosen to go on that specific date depends on storyline. The storyline is the key to the show. That’s what keeps the viewers watching [so] it has to be interesting or ratings go down.”

If you’ve ever been curious about how much The Bachelorette can share with her suitors about her developing feelings, Csincsak has your answer. ”Ali CAN NOT and WILL NOT ever say to a guy ‘I LOVE YOU’ before the final episode,” he says. “You will hear her talk about the guy very vaguely to his face and that he is nice or cute or whatever but she will only say big details in her I.T.M (IN THE MOMENT INTERVIEW). The guys don’t get to hear those interviews until we do on TV and by then it doesn’t matter for them anyway.”

If your favorite bachelor hasn’t been receiving much camera time so far this season, fear not. “From my experiences on the show, the guys who don’t get a lot of camera time early in the edit will go far on the show,” Csincsak says. “This season my guess would be Roberto & Chris L [because] they seem to have nothing but a very positive vibe in their personal edits.”

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