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Kate Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin Lets Production Assistants Babysit Her 8 Children

June 06, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Kate Gosselin is grateful for the opportunity to put her eight children back on television on upcoming episodes of her TLC reality show, Kate plus 8. After so many years of filming the show, along with previous seasons of Jon & Kate plus 8, Gosselin says the production crew has become like “family.” She feels so close to them that she even lets members of the crew babysit her kids! Keep reading for more details…

Kate Gosselin and her eight adorable children will be back on the small-screen this summer in new episodes of the TLC reality show, Kate plus 8. Despite receiving criticism about raising her children in front of the cameras, Gosselin thinks the experience is good for her twins and sextuplets and she’s grateful to give them the opportunity.

“I am very happy I was able to put that back in their lives and there is nothing negative about it,” Gosselin said while a guest on the Today show. “I love our crew. The cameras are on, and I love them. And the cameras are off, and they’re helping me around the house. … They are family. Production assistants come and babysit my kids sometimes even.”

In addition to filming new episodes of Kate plus 8, Kate Gosselin said life is good for her eight children and with ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. ”He’s dropped the custody battle,” Kate says about her ex. “At this very moment, things are peaceful. He’s amicable — at this very moment. I never know when that’s going to change. I worry everyday where we’re going to be.”

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One Response to “Kate Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin Lets Production Assistants Babysit Her 8 Children”

  1. tjm47 Says:
    June 6th, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    I find it absolutely appalling that TLC despite the majority begging them not to put this person (who makes ALL of her Beauty makeover monies and huge PERSONAL expense account from SELLING and pimping out her children on National TV; then cries and pleas to be allowed to make an income FOR THEM ) back on television !!! I love the Little People and have been disgusted by the Roloff’s and their now World traveling circus (they ARE NO LONGER like other little people who struggle in THEIR daily lives !) So I will cease to watch ANYthing on this channel OTHER than The Little People and recommend the same to others who are disgusted by THIS woman !!!! She HAS a career and could easily support herself AND her children as MILLIONS of other single Mother’s do in the US EVERY day…Sure they struggle but they ARE there for their Children and NOT out galivanting and spending the larger portion of THEIR earnings to get SELF-Improvements and SELF-gratifications…SUCH AS the FREE babysitters, etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!! DISGUSTING !!!!!!


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