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Last Comic Standing Season Premiere: Open Casting Call In Los Angeles

June 07, 2010 07:10 PM by Nancy Floyd


After a two-year hiatus, Last Comic Standing returns to NBC tonight with a two hour season premiere! New host Craig Robinson and judges Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo hold an open casting call in Los Angeles to search for America’s best comics. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s auditions and to find out which comedians make it through to the semi-finals…

After a funny little ditty by new host, Craig Robinson, NBC‘s Last Comic Standing kicks off with an open casting call in Los Angeles. The aspiring stand-up comedians must audition for judges Greg Giraldo, Natasha Leggero, and Andy Kindler. If two of the three judges like them enough, the comics will have an opportunity to perform their routine in front of a live audience and potentially earn a spot in the semi-finals.

The first comic to take the stage is Maronzio Vance from Charlotte, NC. This is his second time auditioning for Last Comic Standing; he tried out in season 2 but wasn’t quite ready. His dry, emotionless routine is enough to impress the judges this time around and send him through to the next round. The judges are torn on the next hopeful, huge and hilarious Mexican comedian Felipe, but Greg and Andy vote him through to the live showcase.

Next up, it’s Satan with a guitar. Flibbertigibbet takes the stage in a devil costume and attempts to sing a song. After about 1/4 of the terrible verse, the judges send him packing. Satan segues perfectly into the next montage of terrible comics including a demon-possessed clown wearing KISS makeup, a man wearing a sequins hat and leotard, and someone who hit feathers with a frying pan. It’s all funny, but not the right kind of funny.


Next up, a mustached-clad man who fumbles over his words and attempts to quit. His resignation ends up being so hilarious that the judges vote him through. Funny mom, Laurie Kilmartin follows him in appearing before the judges. After a brief video showcasing her life as a single mom, Laurie takes the stage and wows the judges. Andy Kindler attempts to give her fashion advice which leads to a yet another video montage, this time focused on Andy’s random clothing suggestions for the comics. My favorite tidbit? “Dress like Mary Tyler Moore, but act like Rhoda.” Thanks for the relevant cultural reference there, Andy.

It’s time for overweight and over-the-top comedienne, Fortune Feimster (yes that’s her name) who barely gets through one joke before the judges recognize her talent and send her through to the showcase. Marc Ryan is a Texas native with a subpar routine. The judges recognize something funny about him, but aren’t sure how well he’d do in the showcase. Feeling merciful, they decide to give him a shot. A slew of horrible, unfunny, and just plain weird comics follow Fortune and Marc. Craig Robinson breaks it up by doing the Robot and suddenly, it’s nothing but one hilarious comedian after another.


A very upbeat and energetic Guy Torry takes the stage and delivers a mediocre set. The judges aren’t sure that they want to put Guy through, but after a little convincing, they decide to give him a shot. Afterwards, a hat-wearing dog named Edith Piaf takes the stage. Who doesn’t love a cute dog in a hat? The judges. Despite the fact that she looks funny, Edith’s jokes just aren’t that strong and she and her owner are sent home. The final comic of the day is former New Yorker Taylor Williamson whose dry, witty humor wins over the judges and earns him a spot in the showcase.

At the first L.A. showcase for season seven of Last Comic Standing, the comics fight for a chance to earn their way to the semi-finals. Mexican comic, Felipe Esparza is the first to take the stage and kills the crowd, followed by Fortune Feimster who keeps them laughing as well. Country boy, Marc Ryan, gives a cringe-inducing performance about dinosaurs, soliciting only pity laughs from the judges, while comedic single mom, Laurie Kilmartin’s parenting angle goes over well with the audience.

Kirk Fox, the mustached comic who tried to quit, does a hilarious routine that cracks up the audience and the judges. Taylor Williamson, Maronzio Vance, and Guy Torry all deliver great performances as well. It’s up to the judges to deliberate and determine which comics will be moving on to the semi-finals. I think it’s safe to say that Marc Ryan hasn’t got a prayer. Felipe Esparza, Maronzio Vance, Guy Torry, Kirk Fox, Taylor Williamson, Fortune Feimster, Laurie Kilmartin, along with three other guys who were barely shown make it through to the semi-finals.


Day two of the Los Angeles Last Comic Standing auditions starts off with some rain and a whole lotta comic hopefuls. Rachel Feinstein is the first comedienne to appear in front of the judges and her impression-heavy performance earns her a spot in the live showcase. The next several comics don’t fare so well. The judges decide to pass on an alien warlord, a bear on stilts (who claims to be Sasquatch), and several jugglers. Shocking, no?

Paula Bel impresses the judge with her dry and bitter routine about not wanting children and Chip Pope’s B-52′s inspired song and dance wins rave reviews. Following Paula and Chip are a ton of great performers, but the comedy run ends with Skippy Greene, whose houndstooth jacket, oversized glasses, and cigar just leave me confused.


The comics from day two of the L.A. auditions take the stage for the second live showcase of the episode. Chip Pope is first to perform for the audience and although his performance is less enthusiastic than his audition, he entertains the audience. Paula Bel and Rachel Feinstein also kill the crowd with their stand-up routines. Third-timer Cristela Alonzo blows the crowd away, as do several other comedians. No painful-to-watch performances tonight although Tiffany Haddish’s decision to remove her fake breast implants didn’t seem like the wisest choice to me. It’s time for the judges to deliberate and decide which comics are heading to the semi-finals. Rachel Feinstein, Chip Pope, Paula Bel, Cristelo Alonzo, and three others make it through to the next round.

Tune in to NBC next Monday night for another episode of Last Comic Standing as the open casting calls continue in New York City.

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  1. ladybogside Says:
    June 7th, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Fact check time! Marc Ryan was not the person who gave the “cringe-inducing performance about dinosaurs,” and I think you need to correct this glaring error in your post. That dinosaur mess was the horrendous drivel of Kevin Smalls. Marc Ryan is the one who made fun of Nancy – I mean Natasha – and put her in her place.

    Get the facts straight.


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