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The Bachelorette: Bare Naked Ladies Video!

June 07, 2010 06:56 PM by Candace Young


The Bachelorette begins tonight on ABC with 14 bachelors remaining. There will be two one-on-one dates, and one group date tonight. Those who go on the one-on-one dates must score a rose from Ali Fedotowsky to stay in the competition. The first date card comes in – it’s for Roberto, who last week got the First Impression Rose last week…

Ali arrives to meet Roberto for their date, and they get picked up in a helicopter! Roberto does a great job of comforting afraid-to-fly Ali, who loves how manly he is. They land on a rooftop, and Ali tells him that they’ll be having dinner – which is on the rooftop across the way. The only way over is by high wire!


Back at the house, Justin chats with Jonathan about the disadvantage of being in a cast.

Roberto and Ali get hooked up for their trek through the air. He reassures her, and she asks if he’s ready to fall for her!  They are attached to a wire above, but slowly make their way across with the street and cars below. It’s terrifying. Roberto stops halfway and steals a kiss! Once safely on the other rooftop, they pop the cork on a bottle of champagne and watch the sunset in each others arms. Over dinner, she marvels at how cultured and good looking he is. They end up sharing giggles, kisses, and she offers him the rose.

The guys get the next date card – it’s a group date reading, “Come rock my world.”  The following morning they wake up and ride in a hummer to a sketchy area of L.A. where Ali is waiting. They walk under an overpass and find the Bare Naked Ladies playing!  Ali announces that they are all going to be in their new video.


Frank is first to shoot a scene with Ali. She is in a lounge, he puts oil on her, and she slaps him! Nine takes later, it’s time for a bathtub scene with John C, who is bummed out because there is no contact. Jonathan does a library scene with Ali, and gets to kiss her, but Ali notes that he is shaking, and it is very awkward.  The guys laugh, Jonathan cries, and Ali feels bad, so she kisses him passionately.

As the video continues shooting, Justin kisses her, Chris N has a scene in bed with Ali, and then it’s time for a scene with Kirk in the bed, which becomes so intensely real and sexy that the other guys leave. When someone yells, “Cut,” they keep kissing! Frank, who feels proprietary toward Ali since their great date last week, is not a happy camper!


When they are done shooting, Chris L spends some alone time with Ali, while the others debate over the chances of getting a rose. Chris shares with Ali about his mom passing away.  Jonathan interrupts to rehash his emotions of earlier, and asks for a real kiss, but Craig R cuts it short. Soon, Kirk gets Ali to join him in the hot tub and they kiss again.  The others are shaken, and decide to jump in and break it up. Justin is left out with his cast. Kirk gets the rose for the night, then Ali shows them the completed music video.

Back at the house, the final date card comes. It’s a one-on-one date for Hunter!  Steve is frustrated. Justin is determined to get some alone time with Ali and makes his way up the highway to her house on his crutches in the blazing sun! Ali is taping her comments on why she chose Hunter for the next one-on-one date when Justin appears. She can’t believe he came all that way to prove he’s the real deal.  They go inside, where he shows her photos he brought of his family, shares about his dad passing away, and they cuddle.

Hunter, meanwhile, is preparing for his date in the mansion.  Ali pulls up out front with Justin in the car. They kiss goodbye, and she leaves. Hunter talks about going to be with Ali in her house, and Justin gloats privately to the cameras.


Ali comes to pick up Hunter and they go to her house. Ali calls it a make it or break it date. They suit up in aprons and do a cook out together. Afterward, they have a hot tub, during which time Ali wants to dig in and see if there’s a romantic connection.  The conversation seems stilted, though, and Ali notes something feels off.  They make a fire, and Ali tells him he’s not getting the rose.

The other guys sit up and take notice as Hunter’s bags are removed from the house. Justin’s over-the-top reaction turns some of them off.

As the men prepare for the rose ceremony, Justin is supremely confident. Ali arrives and mentions how difficult it was to let Hunter go. Chris L takes her outside for a chat, and they get a bit closer. Frank and Kirk watch and are having trouble handling it. Justin gets the next chat with Ali. He complains that the guys are still calling him out.  Steve steals her away – he has set up their own little date with champagne! Justin goes back into the house to hear the men discussing how two-faced he is. He confronts them. Ty tells him they see something different than he portrays to Ali.


Ali greets Roberto, and they go to cuddle on a sofa. He feels comfortable enough to warn her that Justin may not be there for the right reasons. She tells him that Justin came to her house the previous day.  Roberto goes back in and tells the other guys, who go looking to confront him. Justin eventually admits it, saying he felt he needed time with her alone.  The other men are fed up, thinking he did it strictly for attention.

Rose Ceremony

Kirk and Roberto are safe going into the rose ceremony. Ali steps forward at Chris Harrison’s prompting and talks about the tension in the house, saying she’s been there and she gets it. She offers roses to Chris L,  Jesse, Chris N, Ty, Kasey, Craig, Frank, Jonathan, and Justin. Steve and John C are going home.

Next week the bachelors are told they will be traveling around the world, beginning in New York, and someone will be in the Lion King!

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