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True Beauty: Penn and Teller Magic Trick Challenge!

June 07, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC‘s True Beauty, 9 contestants remain after JD was sent home last time.  Hosts Beth Stern and Carson Kressley will once again observe, along with judge Vanessa Minillo, to see who is truly beautiful on the inside (even though the hopefuls believe they are being judged on outer beauty). The show begins with the return of David to the house, who survived his trip to the bottom two…

In the house, Amy is diligently learning to iron clothes, while Liz complains about all the fake hair in the house.  They all hit the pool area, where the others raise their eyebrows at Regina’s diva behavior and non-stop chatter.  Liz stays back at the house, therefore she gets talked about by the others.

Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that the contestants are headed to a magic show this week, but will actually be judged on their ability to keep a secret. Carson and Beth meet the group at a theater and introduce them to Penn and Teller!


They are shown a trick and told to take the secret of how it’s done to their graves. Carson jumps in to say that the winner will perform to a sold out crowd with Penn and Teller.

Taylor is the first to perform the trick for the magicians while the judges watch on hidden camera. Regina is next, and isn’t good at it, but all she cares about is that she looks cute.  Liz, David, and Michelle follow. They all do pretty well.  Amy seems nervous but does a great job of the trick.  Muscle-bound Craig takes his turn – it’s all good.  Erika stuns, mostly with her cleavage. Carson calls her ‘so perky he could almost vomit’.  Michael performs a dull version of the trick.

Now comes the real trick. The contestants will talk to a fake journalist who is supposed to be from People magazine.  He will try to get them to spill the secret to the magic trick. Michael doesn’t give it up, but Michelle and Liz both sing like canaries. David passes, Regina passes, Craig blabs, Amy keeps mum, as do Erika and Taylor.


The group meets up with Penn, Teller, Carson and Beth again. Penn and Teller give a rundown on each hopeful. They liked Erika, Craig, but said Amy was the only one who made the trick better. She wins! When asked to reveal the bottom two, they name Regina and Michael, who did the trick the worst.

Back at the house, Regina goes on about possibly going home to the point where the others are driven crazy.  They go to watch Penn and Teller’s show later, and see Amy perform.

The judges consider Michael and Regina, who are on the line to go home. They feel Michael isn’t dynamic, but Regina can be a nasty trash-talker.  They need another test.

As Michael and Regina make their way to the final face-off, they will encounter an intoxicated man set up by the show, who will appear to be getting ready to drive. Regina stops the man by complaining to the valet, but Michael doesn’t!


At the final face-off, Regina and Michael plead their cases. Regina is told she is safe and go back to the suite. Michael is told that before he goes, there is something he should know – there is more to this competition than meets the eye. Vanessa explains that they have been watching for inner beauty as well as outer beauty, and shows him video footage of him stealing, bad-mouthing others, and letting the drunk man drive away.  Michael leaves, protesting that he’s a nice guy.

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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