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American Idol: Kara DioGuardi Dishes On Simon Cowell, Crystal Bowersox, & Lee Dewyze

June 08, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


It’s been two weeks since the American Idol, but life is just getting busier for judge Kara DioGuardi. Working on several new projects, the singer-songwriter takes a break from her hectic summer schedule to talk about Simon Cowell‘s replacement, her opinion of Crystal Bowersox, and why she thinks Lee Dewyze won it all…

Although American Idol has concluded, for this season at least, judge Kara DioGuardi is keeping busy. She’s spending her summer working with new musical artists, writing songs, DJing, and appearing at the country music awards. “All those things are really important because they make me a viable judge at American Idol, and to turn your back on my first love, which is songwriting, wouldn’t make any sense,” she says.

Now that she has two seasons of American Idol under her belt, Kara DioGuardi is feeling much more confident moving forward. “At some point in the season, I think I shifted: Boo me, do whatever you want. This is what I’ve got to do. I think Simon helped me to some degree, because he wasn’t rolling his eyes. There was a point of him saying, All right, maybe this girl knows what she’s talking about. Because he seemed to agree with me a lot. Which was almost strange at first,” DioGuardi says.

Speaking of Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi has no idea who will replace him on American Idol but she definitely has a preference. “I’ve voiced who I think would be pretty good. They know that I thought Harry Connick [Jr.] did a really good job. He really helped those contestants and he obviously cared a lot – he sat and did all those arrangements. He’s funny, Ellen [DeGeneres] and Harry are close friends, so that would be a good chemistry,” DioGuardi says.

As for this season of American Idol, Kara DioGuardi was sad to see that her favorite didn’t win, but she understood America’s choice. “I always said I liked Crystal [Bowersox]. Lee [Dewyze] came out from the shadows and was the underdog,” DioGuardi says, although she thinks Bowersox’s early lead made it hard for her to win the competition. “It’s very hard for the frontrunner to win this competition, because America likes a story. And they like to see a contestant that didn’t know they could sing, had no encouragement, had a past that was challenging, and is the good guy – he takes in the criticism and turns up every week with a good attitude and works it into his performances and nails it. It’s all about the dream,” she says.

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