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America’s Got Talent 06/08/10: New York Auditions Day One

June 08, 2010 07:25 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Got Talent, the crew ventured to New York City. The crowd was turning out in full force hoping to head to Vegas to win that coveted one million dollars. The mood was sky high and the judges were expecting great things in the Big Apple and the show promised to be the most exciting, explosive and the most dangerous auditions of all time. So what happened? Keep reading to find out!


Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and the newest judge, Howie Mandel came out to the sound of cheering from a huge crowd. The show began with every light in the building being turned out. As the audience focused on the stage, Fighting Gravity came out in amazing neon suits and danced for the crowd. The show was a cool mix of black light technology and techno music similar to the blue man group. The three judges put them through to Vegas.

Every actor that arrived at the New York auditions was hoping to earn an act in Las Vegas including the father-son team of Tony and Gino, who decided to sing for the judges tonight. The cats left the room when they began and the judges left us hanging on right until the end. Sharon said that they sing with a lot of emotion and after the vote only she said yes.

As the New York acts continued they were on a down slide until John (Prince Poppycock) the store-clerk came out to sing for the judges. He said that his singing helps him forget about his troubles. He came out in a fantastical costume and sang an operetta song. His costume was distracting, but he was very funny and surprisingly good. Sharon thought he was magnificent and Howie thought that he had talent and passion. He was on his way to Vegas.

So far there had been lots of auditions that popped on America’s Got Talent and there were a record numbers of yes’ tonight including Peek-A-Boo Revue a burlesque team, Jia Ye Hi a triple harmonica player and The Danger Committee a team of knife throwers. New York had shown that the level of talent was higher than before.


Next on America’s Got Talent the singing duo On Repeat sang a rap that brought the dogs out. The judges didn’t make us sit through the agonizing full 90 seconds and the young lad was given 10 seconds to rap away when he complained that the world hadn’t heard him. Sharon asked them to move on and Piers told them they were terrible.

Backstage every act was waiting for one chance to change their lives forever including the street vendor Antonio Restivo who was a fire illusionist. He dreamed of a show in Vegas someday. To say the least his show was smokin’ hot. I loved it when he lit a skeleton on fire and then it turned into a live woman. Howie though that the show was mesmerizing and Piers thought that it was polished and slick. He was heading to Vegas and was one step closer to his dream coming true.


New York is one of the most famous cities known for their comedy but many of the acts tonight didn’t cut it. One guy hoping he could change the stand up comedy low was Doogie Horner. Before he even finished his first joke, the crowd began to boo him. He began to heckle the crowd and told them he would hunt them down. Piers buzzed Doogie, but Sharon and Howie didn’t because they felt sorry for him. Howie told him comedy was tough and put him through along with Sharon as Piers rained on his parade. He was going to Vegas.

Day one of the New York auditions of America’s Got Talent was over, but they will return again tomorrow night for day two at 9 PM ET, only on NBC.

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Photos Courtesy: NBC

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent 06/08/10: New York Auditions Day One”

  1. apskip Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Your statement about Prince Poppycock singing “an operetta aria” is not technically correct. He sang a 90 second excerpt from Largo al Factotum, a 5 minute aria that is one of the most famous in the opera Barber of Seville by Rossini. Although it does sound a little like a “patter song” from operetta, there is a major difference between opera arias and operetta songs.


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