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Dance Your Ass Off: Season 2 Premiere

June 08, 2010 11:39 AM by Rebecca Ford

dance-your-ass-off-premiereIn the second season premiere of Dance Your Ass Off, 25 new overweight contestants compete for a spot to dance their way to a healthy weight and a chance at the $100,000 prize. Auditions were held around the country looking for the most energetic and passionate dancers. Who will make the cut?

This season’s new host, former Spice Girl Mel B greets us in Los Angeles, and takes us around the country to find 25 contestants for the finals in Hollywood. Lisa Ann Walter, head judge on the show, travels to four cities to find the finalists.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of contestants line up to audition for Dance Your Ass Off. Briana, joined cheer and dance when she was younger, despite her weight. Sarah talks about how hard it is to be the fat girl in the room. Adamme, a makeup artist with spiky hair, hopes his energy would warrant him a spot.


They learned choreography with guest choreographer, Kichaya Dudley, and would also be required to do a solo to show their individuality and creativity.

After their auditions in front of Lisa Ann, she announces who would be going on to the final, including Adamme, Sarah, Michael, Monique, Matt and Briana. Tears are shed by those who didn’t make it.

In Dallas, the contestants are again taught a dance, fighting for the 18 spots left. Guest choreographer, Eboni Nichols, teaches the contestants, which include Heather, who wants to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and Benjamin, who sported a bedazzled crop top. They both made it to the finals.

In Chicago, with only 15 spots left, the stakes are even higher. Kiki wants to lose the weight so she doesn’t have to be single anymore. Darcy, a part-time law student and a single mother, wants to get healthy for her child. After the audition, three made it on, including Darcy and Kiki.

In the final stop, New York, Lisa Ann has only 12 spots left. The show’s head choreographer, Tiana Brown, teaches this group the choreography for their audition. Erica, a stay-at-home mom, is motivated to lose the weight for her kids. LaToya has been battling her weight for 6 years, but can do some killer splits. Turns out she was nearly a professional dancer, receiving scholarships to dance schools, but got a job and then got heavy. Lisa Ann chose LaToya, Meredith, Katie, Amy, Erica, and Stephanie to go through to the finales.

Dance Your Ass Off group audition

So, 18 make it through and the rest were chosen from online. The finalists meet in LA for a dance showdown to fight for the 12 spots on the show. They are greeted by the glamorous Mel B. Before she did Dancing with the Stars, Mel had gained 70 pounds, so she can relate to the contestants needing to lose weight in a healthy way.

The contestants are split into two groups, for the final dance auditions. After they are taught the choreography with Tiana, they meet with doctors for a physical. The female contestants are happy to discover that their doctor is handsome, calling him Dr. McSteamy.

For the final audition, Lisa Ann Walter will judge with choreographer Danny Teeson. After the first group performs, the judges ask them questions, and comment on their dance. Erica, from Brooklyn, doesn’t bring enough attitude to her dancing. LaToya cries, saying she lost herself when she gained the weight.


The judges move two contestants, LaToya and Stephanie, directly on to the finals. The rest will have to wait until the other group has danced for the final decision.

After Group Two performs, the judges again critique the performance. Adamme is praised for his commitment to dance. Briana, who is only 5’1”, would never admit her wait until auditioning the show. The judges again choose two contestants to go though to the show: Adamme and Michael.


The judges talk with doctor to select the rest of the contestants. They decide they need to see a few dance again. After a final dance-off, the final eight are chosen: Erica, Kiki, Caleb, Corey, Meredith, Sarah, Katie and Briana.

This season promises emotional highs and challenging lows for these contestants as their paired with professional dancers and pushed to lose weight in a healthy way. It looks like it will be a great season for Dance Your Ass Off!

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