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Hell’s Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay Kicks One Chef Out Tonight!

June 08, 2010 07:24 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight, on a brand new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX , both teams fire up Gordon Ramsay with their stupid mistakes, leading him to kick one chef out of Hell’s Kitchen. Will the booted chef walk back in though, or be gone for good? And after their poor start last week, will the women make a comeback this week? Keep reading for all the drama filled details!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off tonight with the first challenge: eggs, eggs and more eggs. Gordon Ramsay puts the contestants into groups of two and then they must perfectly cook eggs four different ways . The winner of this challenge would get a helicopter tour of LA and dinner with Chef Ramsay. Although it was a tight race for the win, the guys ended up winning by one egg and got to enjoy the helicopter ride & dinner.

During their dinner with Gordon Ramsay, we learned a little too much about Salvatore when Chef Ramsay asked him how many women he has slept with and his answer was that he stopped counting after 30 or 40…yikes. Meanwhile, the women were dealing with the repercussions of losing the challenge by cleaning huge tunas for dinner service. They almost lost one of the fish, but Jaime pulled them through by carrying most of it’s weight to get the fish safely into the kitchen.

Just as they were about to start dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay takes a taste of the boiling water in the red kitchen and almost vomits as it is overloaded with salt. When asked who did it, Autumn reluctantly says that she seasoned it once but someone else must have added to it, even though the camera clearly showed only herself seasoning it. And if that was not bad enough for the women, Fran, who was supposed to be serving tuna tartar to the guests could not figure out which tables were hers, even with a map in front of her.


The men on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX were not doing much better either as Mikey sent crunchy risotto up to the pass four or five times before finally getting it up to Chef Ramsay’s standards. Jason was next up in the line of fire for Chef Ramsay as he had undercooked chicken, but Jason admitted his mistake and moved on. Andrew, however was not so lucky as he attempted to pass Chef Ramsay soupy mashed potatoes.

When Gordon Ramsay tried to tell him how to correct it, Andrew just lost it and started arguing with Chef Ramsay. At his wits end, Ramsay kicked Andrew out of the restaurant. Despite Jean-Phillipe’s attempts to get Andrew to stick around claiming that Chef Ramsay was only testing him, he refused and for only the second time in seven seasons, a contestant willingly walked out of Hell’s Kitchen.

After dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay made it clear that no one had won and each team should nominate one person for elimination. On the red team, Autumn was nominated and on the blue team Jason was nominated. When questioned if Autumn was the worst cook on the red team, the girls couldn’t lie and all claimed that she was not, but in fact Jaime was. After asking both Jaime and Jason why they should remain, Chef Ramsay called out Mikey to come down and asked for his jacket instead due to two failed dinner services.

Best of luck to Mikey, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new two hour episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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