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Losing It With Jillian: The Jones Family

June 08, 2010 08:21 PM by Nancy Floyd


It’s time for another episode of Losing It With Jillian tonight on NBC! This time The Biggest Loser trainer is traveling to Massachusetts to spend time working with the Jones family. After losing her husband five years ago, Debra Jones has struggled to keep her life from unraveling. Keep reading for more details on how Jillian Michaels helps this single mom and her two preteen children…

Tonight’s episode of Losing It With Jillian takes Jillian Michaels to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work with the Jones family, comprised of single mom Debra, 12-year old daughter Isabella, and 10-year old son Jordan. Five years ago, the patriarch of the Jones family passed away from a massive heart attack, leaving his widowed wife and two children behind. As Debra grapples with her consuming fear, the whole family battles with serious weight and health issues.

The episode starts off with a family workout orchestrated by Jillian Michaels. Not surprisingly, there’s a whole lot of crying, whining, screaming, and quitting, but not a lot of actual working out that takes place. Jillian struggles to keep her cool in front of the kids, despite the fact that she clearly wants to strangle Debra.


After the workout, it’s time for Jillian Michaels to visit the Jones’ home. It seems that weight isn’t the only issue Debra and her kids are dealing with. Their house is a complete disaster, overflowing with garbage, dirty laundry, leftover food, and dirty dishes. It’s so packed with junk and filth that Jillian refuses to stay the night, opting for a hotel instead.

Day Two of the Jones journey on Losing It With Jillian starts out with a workout for mom and cleaning responsibilities for the kids. I seriously hope they don’t suffocate under a pile of laundry. Without the kids at the gym, Jillian has free reign to scream at Debra to her heart’s content. In typical Jillian fashion, her yelling has a purpose and ultimately leads to the first emotional breakthrough of the episode. During a boxing match, Debra opens up to Jillian about feeling weak and alone. After the workout, it’s time to start cleaning the house! Jillian holds a family meeting where Isabella and Jordan reveal their need and desire for structure from their mom.

By Day Three, the Jones’ home is starting to resemble a house. Hey, there are the floors! And the countertops! And a bed! After a brief heart-to-heart with Isabella, Jillian tells the kids to enjoy a day of fun while she follows Debra to work. It turns out that Deb’s boss runs a 5k every weekend and several of her co-workers go running after work three times a week. Jillian gets Deb to commit to joining her colleagues for those after-work jogs in hopes of eventually completing a 5k herself.


During the next workout, Jillian’s harsh words to Debra upset Isabella. Jillian tries to figure out a way to help Debra realize how much responsibility she’s put on her 12-year old daughter. A little workout exercise helps Debra realize the burden her preteen daughter has been carrying and the mother and daughter have an open, honest conversation about how they’re both feeling.

In an effort to teach the Jones women that exercise can be fun, Jillian takes them to a dance class to give them an opportunity to bond together. Jillian isn’t too happy to get roped into the festivities, showing off her amazing (lack of) dancing ability. To reward their efforts, the gang cooks and enjoys a family dinner, something that’s a rarity in the Jones’ home.


On the final day of Losing It With Jillian, Debra is put through the ringer by Jillian, both physically and emotionally. Jillian tries to help Debra get a healthy grasp on reality, giving her the tools she’ll need to continue her improved lifestyle after Jillian is gone. The final workout for the Jones family is an afternoon of canoeing. It all goes along swimmingly (no pun intended) until the canoe flips and the family ends up in the freezing water. In their final moments with Jillian Michaels, the Jones family decide on goals for the next six weeks (Isabella’s going to join the school’s running club, Jordan wants to become more responsible, and Debra is hoping to lose 30 lbs. and run a 5k).

Over the next six weeks, Debra trains for her 5k despite having knee issues. At the end of the six weeks, Jillian Michaels returns to see how the Jones family has progressed. Joining Deb, Isabella, and Jordan at Deb’s 5k race, Jillian is stunned by the changes she sees in the family. Deb has lost 32 lbs. and lowered her blood pressure to normal levels. Along with her family, co-worker,s and Jillian, Deb manages to complete her 5k. To help lighten the load for the Jones family, Jillian gives them a check for $50,000.


Tune in to NBC for another brand new episode of Losing It With Jillian next Tuesday night at 10pm EST when Jillian works with a mother and her two daughters in serious need of a major health makeover.

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