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Kate Plus Eight: In Kate Gosselin’s Own Words

June 09, 2010 06:48 PM by Jennifer


For Kate Gosselin, the past year has been full of ups and down, and rumors and stories about her in the tabloids. But no one knows the truth about what it is like to be reality TV’s most famous mom. Tonight on Kate Plus 8 on TLC we get to see and hear from Kate herself all about her career, her kids, and life as a single mom. Keep reading to hear all about it!

It can’t be easy to be raise 8 kids. Doing it on your own can’t be any easier. After her much public divorce  from her husband Jon Gosselin, Kate not only took on the role of raising the kids but also a number of other things. She talks about how she has just written a new book, and also appeared on Dancing With The Stars. She has also done a number of book signings, where she says she loves to meet all of her fans and would sign a thousand books if she could. But with fame comes a price, and for Kate that came in the form of constant criticism about her stint on Dancing With The Stars and how she could still do that and take care of her kids. But according to her, the children were well taken care of, and she was there for them at meals and bedtime, even installing a dance floor in her basement so she could practice and still be at home for her kids. Although she did not win the competition, she said she was honored to be on the show.

The other press she says she received was for her well known hairdo. I am sure you have seen the copycats, the wigs at costume stores, and the Kate Gosselin Halloween costume where her infamous spikey backed do were center stage. But when she had a cover shoot to do for People magazine, they wanted to use hair extensions. Which she did, and that started a whirlwind of front page stories. With that new hairdo came a new Kate. She was now on her own, and trying to provide for 8 kids. So when people criticized her for trying to have a career, they obviously did not understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and she needed to feed her kids. But as Meredith Viera said on tonight’s episode, once a woman becomes a strong woman she is labeled a bitch. There are those that love Kate and those that hate her according to her bodyguard.


On tonight’s episode of Kate Plus 8 on TLC, she also mentioned how she was just as surprised as everyone else about her custody battle with Jon. She said she had no idea that it was happening until she read about it online like everyone else. She was taken advantage of at a vulnerable time in her life, where she was fighting off the paparazzi, working to support her family, and doing all of it with no sleep. On a car ride to practice for Dancing With The Stars, she breaks down and tells her bodyguard that she can’t make it through morning rehearsal, that she needed sleep and would do it in the afternoon. You could see the stress on her face as she cried in the limo.

Now that she and her family are back on TLC minus Jon, it will be interesting to see how she balances her fame with being a single mom, who at the moment has no desire to be married again anytime soon. It is exciting to see the kids grow up since they have been on TV since they were born 6 years ago!

Tune in to TLC for all new Kate Plus 8 episodes coming soon!

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