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Kate Plus Eight: The Sextuplet’s Sixth Birthday Surprise!

June 09, 2010 07:30 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on Kate Plus 8 on TLC, it is the kids 6th birthday, and boy are they in for a bunch of surprises! Keep reading to see what Kate has in store for the precious six!

I cannot believe it has been six years since the Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Joel, Aaden and Collin were born! Newly single mom Kate Gosselin has alot in store for them, and plans on making this a special birthday for them after a very stressful year after the divorce of their parents. After last season, Kate had to break the news to her kids that they were no longer filming after the battle with Jon to keep them on the air. Kate said the kids were devastated. But it changes when the first surprise she has for them is that the camera crew is back! The kids are excited to see the TLC crew, who have become family over the years.

But that is not the only surprise. Kate starts the daunting task of packing for all eight kids, telling them only that they are going on a surprise trip. One of the kids tries to get her to tell, but she wants it to remain a secret. After they are done packing, Kate’s best friend Jamie arrives and they are on the way to the airport to Orlando to go to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins! After a delayed flight, they finally board the plane with all eight kids. When they arrive in Orlando, they are greeted by two penguins from Sea World! The kids faces lit up when they saw the creatures, but they had a previous warning from their mom that something was waiting for them, and they were not to attack whatever they saw!


When they get to Discovery Cove, the kids get to touch stingrays and swim with them, which made Kate scream a little when they came close to her. After their water adventure, the group decided to go to lunch because Kate and a few of the kids are affected by a blood sugar issue. She got a little stressed about the kids choosing all different things for lunch, but that ended real quick. Some trainers came in and helped her out, which I think saved her sanity. The kids were enjoying themselves, except for poor Alexis who got sick before at the hotel and stayed behind. But she did get to go back the next day and experience everything herself so she did not miss out!

After lunch, the kids got to feed some of the exotic birds, and Joel even had one on his head. The kids took to them right away, even feeding them live worms, which also grossed Kate out a little. After this, it was finally time for the kids to meet the dolphins on this episode of Kate Plus 8 on TLC. While in the water, they learned all about how to interact and touch the dolphins, and their favorite part was when they pressed on the dolphins head and they spit water at them. Then each of the kids took a turn riding a dolphin. Looks like they had a fabulous time!

Their next adventure was to go on a boat ride and see live alligators in the water, and the boat pulled up really close to one. When Kate got nervous, the guide said that it would not come close because it was a it was a mom withbabies! But Kate was still a little scared, so they left it alone. After this, it was finally party time! Kate had a cake made with six dolphin figures, and after a brief fit from Maddy about how they only get to celebrate her and Cara’s birthday once, the kids enjoyed the party. The day ended with pinatas for all of the kids to break. Those are some lucky little ones!

Tune in to TLC for all new Kate Plus 8 episodes coming soon!

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