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So You Think You Can Dance 6/9/10: Vegas Callbacks & Top Ten Revealed

June 09, 2010 08:43 PM by Nancy Floyd


The second round of Vegas callbacks continue on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. The judging panel has to narrow the remaining 58 dancers down to season 7′s top 10! After a grueling few days in Vegas, the top five girls and top five guys are revealed when the judges travel to their homes to deliver the news. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode…

There are 58 remaining dancers vying for a spot in the Top 10 on season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. Day Two of the Vegas callbacks start with the aspiring dancers learning a Broadway routine from choreographer/judge, Tyce Diorio. A majority of the dancers receive rave reviews for their performances and only ten dancers are cut from this segment of the competition.

During a break in the routines, 18-year old Iranian dancer, Ida Saki, who became a frontrunner after her amazing audition in Dallas, takes the stage to share some shocking news with the judges. She has decided to withdraw from the competition to focus on college. The judges are outraged and think Ida is copping out of the competition because of a few harsh critiques. She tries to convince them she’s not before they dismiss her from the stage.


Forty-seven dancers remain and the next stage of the So You Think You Can Dance callbacks are the self-choreographed group routines. The dancers are split into groups of five and six and are given a CD at random. Their group must then choreograph a routine to the style of the music on the CD. Not surprisingly, tempers flare and tensions run high as vastly different personalities try to work together to form a cohesive routine.

The first group does a contemporary routine to the cheesiest song I’ve ever heard: a pop remake of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.” Despite the horrendous music, the judges are inspired by their performance and have nothing but praise for each of the dancers. The second group is an eclectic mix of contemporary, hip-hop, African, and tap dancers. It doesn’t take long for their unique personalities and dance styles to clash, causing drama until the wee hours of the morning. When they finally take the stage for the judges, their jazz routine is sloppy and boring. All six dancers manage to make it through to the next round by the skin of their teeth.

The rest of the groups receive mixed reviews and ultimately seven more dancers are sent home. The final group to take the stage includes a group of judge favorites, including season 6 star, Billy Bell. The judges have high expectations for the dancers, but are strongly disappointed by the lackluster performance. After a bit of an argument among the judges, all five dancers are given the opportunity to stick around.


After the group dances, the remaining 39 competitors are required to learn a contemporary routine with former So You Think You Can Dance contestant, Travis Wall. Ballroom dancer, Giselle, from the New York audition can’t seem to pull off contemporary dancing and is sent home. Beehived Nicole Knudson is also eliminated during the contemporary round.

Injured dancer, Anthony Burrell, is among the last of the men to perform the contemporary routine. He’ll be taking the stage alongside judge favorite, Alex Wong, and adorable small town boy, Kent Boyd. Not surprisingly, Alex Wong sails right through to the next round. The judges are even more impressed with Anthony Burrell’s performance and send him through as well. After receiving unanimous votes through, Anthony Burrell breaks down in tears in the aisle due to the pain in his leg. If he’s having this much difficulty getting through three days in Las Vegas, I don’t know how he expects to survive a whole season of So You Think You Can Dance. Lastly, Kent Boyd faces the judges and although he looks like he might pass out and/or vomit due to fear, he ends up receiving the highest compliments from the judges. When Kent opens up about his own self-doubt, he brings several judges (including Lil C!) to tears.

There are 24 dancers remaining but only ten will make it onto season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. Each dancer will have on more opportunity to perform their solos for the judges and explain why they want to be on the show before the judges will make the final decision. Before taking the stage for the last time, the dancers are given a personal lesson in performance and stage presence from dance legend, Grover Dale. Yeah, I don’t know who he is either but from the looks of his fancy silk shirt, I’d say he’s gotta be pretty important.


The adorable contemporary dancer, Lauren Froderman, is the first to take the stage and make an amazing impression on the judges, earning a standing ovation for her routine. The remaining solos fly by in an edited montage, showing the highs of each performance. Now it’s up to the judges to review the tapes from the Vegas callback weeks and determine the five guys and five girls will make it into the Top 10 on season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance.

For the first time in So You Think You Can Dance history, the judges will be traveling to the homes of the top 10 dancers to deliver the good news in person. First up: judge/choreographer, Mary Murphy is visiting contemporary dancer, Adrian Lee in his San Diego home. Meanwhile, Toni Redpath is heading to the home of salsa dancer, Cristina. Toni drags out her prepared speech and seemingly braces Cristina for the worst before finally revealing the exciting news that she’s actually made the top 10.


Over at Adrian Lee’s home, Mary Murphy arrives and meets Adrian’s entire family. Mary tears up as she delivers the bad news to Adrian that he didn’t make it into the Top 10. Next, Nigel Lythgoe delivers the bad news over the phone to several other dancers. At the Froderman home, Lauren is waiting by the phone for a call from Nigel. After a moment on the phone, Nigel surprises Lauren at her front door. After a brief fake-out, Nigel delivers the news that Lauren made the top 10.

In Harlem, Mia Michaels is on her way to visit Anthony Burrell, the injured contemporary dancer who wowed the judges time and again in Vegas. After Anthony shares how badly he needs something like So You Think You Can Dance in his life, Mia breaks the bad news to him that he didn’t make the cut. She does, however, encourage him to return to audition next year. Ashley Galvan eagerly awaits a visit from Lil C who comes bearing good news. Ashley is thrilled to make the Top 10, although her heart surely stopped for a moment or two with Lil C’s fake-out. Why do they have to do that to everyone?!

Tyce Diorio is having a little too much fun traipsing around Miami on his way to visit B-boy (and Legacy wannabe), Jose Ruiz. Tyce doesn’t do nearly as well with his fake-out, wearing a goofy grin on his face the entire time he delivers the news to Jose that he’s the first guy to make the Top 10. Back in New York, Mia Michaels visits tap dancer, Melinda Sullivan. While waiting for the results, Melinda is chilling with her dance mentor, old-school tap dancer Harold Cromer, who might be my new favorite person in the world. Melinda is the fourth lady to join the Top 10.


In Miami, Alex Wong has a lot on the line. He gave up his position with the Miami ballet in hopes of earning a spot on So You Think You Can Dance. Tyce Diorio shows up to deliver the news that Alex has made the Top 10. Adechike Torbert is the next dancer to receive word from Mia Michaels. Adechike was on the chopping block in Vegas but managed to impress the judges with his solo routine. Adechike (and his enthusiastic family) are thrilled to receive the news that he’s made the Top 10! Mia is moved to tears by the love and support of Adechike’s family.

There’s still one spot available for a female in the competition. Mary Murphy is on her way to visit Alexie Agdeppa, while Lil C is heading to see Ryan Ramirez. Both girls wowed the judges in Vegas, but only one will make it on season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. After an Academy Award worthy fake-out performance, Mary Murphy informs Alexie that she’s in the top 10, which means Ryan is not.

Now that the top 5 girls have been decided, it’s time to find out the last two guys to make the top 10. After driving around aimlessly for hours, Nigel Lythgoe manages to find Kent Boyd’s farm in a small Ohio town. Another fake-out, another celebration. Kent has made it into the top 10! Only one spot remains and Adam Shankman has to deliver the results to the two remaining guys, Billy Bell and Robert Something-or-other. Billy made the top 20 last season, having to drop out at the last minute due to an illness, and I don’t remember ever seeing Robert before so naturally it seems like Billy’s a shoo-in. Adam Shankman shocks both guys (and me) by delivering the news that Robert actually made the top 10. Billy doesn’t have too long to bask in his disappointment before Adam delivers the news that season 7 will actually have a top 11 and Billy’s made the competition too!

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night at 9pm EST on FOX to see the top 11 dancers take the stage for the first time!

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