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Top Chef Masters: Season Finale

June 09, 2010 09:08 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight is the season two finale of Top Chef Masters on Bravo! When they are asked to take a trip down memory lane, which chef will end up blowing everyone away and winning $100k? Will it be Susur, Rick or Marcus who gains the title Top Chef Master? Keep reading for all the details!

Kelly greets the three finalists on Top Chef Masters on Bravo at LA Union Station where she gives them their final challenge. For the finale, they will each cook three dishes as they take a trip down memory lane while celebrating each of their journeys as a chef. For their first dish, they must create something inspired by their first food memory. For their second dish they must create something inspired by an experience that made them decide to become a chef.

The third and final dish must be a dish that describes each one of them as a chef. So with $1500 and endless possibilities, the three finalists begin shopping. Kelly then surprised the chefs by bringing in one of each of their sous chefs to help them win! Let’s take a look at what each chef decided to create for the finale tonight.


Marcus Samuellson:
First course for Marcus consisted of smoked char with sweet horseradish and shellfish broth, along side mashed root vegetables. Marcus’ inspiration for this dish came from when he became an orphan and was adopted by a Swedish family. His second course, inspired by a duck dinner that he cooked while his grandmother was sick, would be salt cured duck with foie gras ganache and tomato jam. After he cooked this meal for his family, due to the praises and feedback he had gotten was the moment he knew he wanted to be a chef. Marcus goes back to his African roots with his third dish as he prepares berbere flavored hamachi meatballs, porcini couscous and sea urchin froth.

Susur Lee:
First course for Susur was steamed scallops with black bean sauce and dim sum shrimp with chili sauce. Susur’s inspiration came from his father, who took him for his first dim sum. Susur’s second course was from a memory of a his first wife, who, tragically passed away. They had taken their first taste of Japanese cooking and this was the moment that Susur knew he wanted to be a chef. For this dish, he would be making tuna with wasabi mousse, charred sea bream and artichoke, asparagus and daikon salad. Susur goes with Thailand for his third dish as he creates lamb thailandaise with chang mai sausage, green curry and polenta stemming from a trip he took with his second wife and children.

Rick Moonen:
First course for Rick was fresh glazed kushi oyster with hamachi and live scallop crudo and some caviar. Rick’s inspiration for this dish came from his father who would take him clamming as a kid. For his second dish, Rick based on a dish he had experienced as a kid from a neighbor which is when he realized he loved all these different flavors. With this, Rick created a poached egg with pork belly and truffles. For his third course, Rick decides to throw everyone for a loop and go with venison, stuffed cipollini onions and matsutake mushrooms with brussels sprouts. Since Rick is known for his fish, this is completely unexpected and he hopes to surprise everyone.


When it time for tasting on Top Chef Masters on Bravo, the regular judges were joined by some special guest judges tonight. Joining the panel were Tom Colicchio from Top Chef, and former Top Chef Masters finalists: Michael Chiarello, Hubert Keller and Rick Bayless, who also won last season.

At the critics table on Top Chef Masters on Bravo Susur was first up and earned 17 stars, followed by Marcus who beat him out by 1/2 star for a total of 17 1/2. Rick and Marcus were the last two standing and it was Rick’s turn for judging. Rick gained a total of 17 stars as well, meaning Marcus Samuellson won $100k for his charity and the title of Top Chef Master!

That wraps up this season of Top Chef Masters on Bravo, but be sure to tune in next Wed at 9 pm for the season premiere of Top Chef!

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