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The Next Food Network Star: Duff Goldman And Carnival Inspiration

June 13, 2010 07:36 PM by Jennifer


Getting your own show can be the start of something big…. but on tonight’s The Next Food Network Star, one of the contestant’s must go home after a carnival inspired challenge. Who could not meet the expectations of guest Duff Goldman? Keep reading to find out!

As the contestants walk in, Giada De Laurentiis presents them with one of her lasagna recipes, and each chef had a step in the recipe to make, and they must do it while talking on camera. After all, they are competing for their own show! But the twist is, that when time is up, the chef has to pass it on to the person with the next step, even if they are not finished with what they are doing. So if one chef doesn’t finish his or her step, it screws up the entire recipe. As the nervous chefs start, each one gets frazzled as they go on camera, and the minute they have to talk goes by so quick! The recipe is running smoothly from person to person, until Das squeezes spinach and not only squirts the water everywhere, but doesn’t finish his step. Aria had the last step of wrapping the lasagna, and putting it in the oven.

After all is said and done, Giada tells Aarti she had alot of dead air on camera, and Selena spoke to fast she couldn’t be understood. She also told Aria that she sounded like she was talking to kids! Most of the contestants had a problem with the camera, and they need to get it together if they want to go far in this competition. Giada tells them they better step it up, because their next challenge is a big one!

When they enter the Food Star Kitchen on tonight’s The Next Food Network Star, they see all sorts of carnival foods. Then in walks Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes! He is throwing a party for 100 of his friends, and each contestant needs to take one of the carnival inspired treats they see before them and turn it into a savory dish for the party! He had each of them take a card from a Zoltar fortune teller machine (remember that from the movie Big?) They draw everything from cotton candy to funnel cake.


As they are cooking, it is kind of gross to see how some of the chefs are using their ingredients. When time is close to being up, Aria realizes that she left some of her meatballs in the oven, and she did not have enough, and she needs to make more. When Duff comes back as the clock hits zero, he is not alone: her come 100 of his friends, ready to eat! Paul made a great looking salad topped with caramel corn, but some of the guests said his personality left something to be desired. Das however, mad e a great chicken dish that reminded him of lemonade. Dzintra had to use cotton candy, so she made a sweet meringue with a duck mousse. Good food, but her super slow service scared people off.

The selection committee comes to Herb’s table, and they check out his lollipop inspired smoked salmon mousse roulade, that was on a stick in the shape of a lollipop. I think his was the most creative and clever. Then the committee goes to Paul’s table, and pointed out that he only used caramel corn as a garnish on his dish. In my opinion, he did not really put any effort into that, just drizzling it on top. Aria’s take on a banana split was a little dry and tough according to Bobby Flay, but Duff Goldman pointed out that she did a great job explaining the dish as she plated. Do we have a front runner on our hands? Dzintra took so much time talking, they had to tell her to keep plating twice!


After sampling all of the dishes, many of them did not have the personality when presenting their dishes, and that can be your downfall in a competition where you are trying to win your own show. As the committee faces them on the chopping block, Brianna is told that her version of a candy apple was great, using chili sauce on a meatball that Bobby Flay said was delicious. They relayed to the contestants that they need to be more focused on their personality as well as their food. For this challenge, Aarti was chosen as the winner. But with a winner, comes a loser.. and tonight, that person is Doreen.. she just didn’t have the personality or the skills to be The Next Food Network Star. I thought Dzintra was going to go, but I guess I was wrong. Doreen was a shock to me, what do you think?

The competition is heating up! Tune in next week to see who’s dream of becoming The Next Food Network Star will be over!! See you after the show!!

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