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Dance Your Ass Off: The Top 12

June 14, 2010 11:14 PM by Rebecca Ford


The top 12 contestants moved into their home, met their nutritionist and trainer and began their dancing journey this week. Instead of dancing with a professional, the contestants are paired up with each other, only to find out a special challenge in an interesting twist.

The episode starts off with the contests getting to see their house, and it’s beautiful! Latoya loves the ballet bar. The cheat closet has a lot of bad food in the kitchen. How will the contestants stay away from the temptation? The mohawked former football player, Corey, is already catching the ladies’ eye.

The contestants sit down for their last supper, where covered labeled plates are placed in front of them. They discover they’re given their dream meals. Meredith gets her burger and fries. There are a lot of fries and baked food in the room.

After they eat, the contestants discover how many calories were in their meals. The numbers were astounding. Corey’s meal was over 3,000 calories.

At the weigh-in, the contestants met with Dr. Geller to get their starting weights. Many are shocked by their numbers. Next, they travel to their dance rehearsal space, which is covered in signs with different types of dance.


Mel B and Tiana greet the contestants. Tiana goes over the types of dancing listed on the wall and then the contestants are given ten seconds to run and grab a card. They have just chosen their dance style for the week, and then learn that they will be paired with the other contestant who chose that style.

After rehearsal, the contestants meet with a nutritionist, Rachael Beller. Briana has never had a vegetable. Ever. How is that even possible? She tries one for the first time, and doesn’t hate it. They then meet with Lee Wall, their trainer. He starts them off running—literally.

Mel B visits, with a surprise. Turns out the contestants aren’t dancing with their partner, but against them. Whoever is the better of the pair will be safe of elimination. The weaker dancer will be up for elimination.

In rehearsal, the dancers see things differently, realizing that their partner who was their friend is now their opponent. Briana tries to do the splits, and injures herself, but decides to keep on dancing.

The contestants get their hair and makeup done, and wait backstage for the contest to begin. The judges, Danny Teeson, Lisa Ann Walter and guest judge Dave Scott are introduced. The contestants dance scored combined with their weight loss will determine the winner and loser of the episode.

Kiki and Briana go first, and aren’t afraid to booty bump their way through the song. Briana, while shorter and bigger than Kiki, brings more energy to the routine. Lisa Ann says their energy was great, but says Kiki needs to do more with her dancing. Danny compliments their rhythm. Briana’s score beats Kiki’s, so Kiki joins the elimination bench.

Michael and Latoya are performing pop-jazz. Both Latoya and Michael would love to lose ten pounds. During their dance, it’s clear that Latoya has real training and skill as a dancer. She’s going to be the toughest competition of the season. But Michael busts out the splits, which has to earn him some points! The judges call Latoya “a slice of magic” and she clearly beats Michael in points.


Erica and Katie are up next, and bust out in gold and silver dresses.  Erica brings it with her solo with some super kicks. Dave calls Erica a firecracker, and says Katie exceeded his expectations. He does say that the energy was not consistent in the program. Katie beats Erica by a little, and Erica heads to the elimination bench.

Stephanie and Caleb are thrashing on stage. Caleb feels Stephanie will probably win the dance, but that he’ll have the highest weight loss. On stage, Stephanie is much more of a thrasher, but Caleb tries his best, and throws in a couple of poses for good measure. The judges criticize both of them, saying they both lacked energy and finishing. Stephanie is safe, and Caleb heads over to the elimination group.

Meredith and Sara are up next with a dirty jazz routine, and their outfits are so bright and poor fitting they’re offensive to my eyes. But both look like they’re really having a good time. Lisa Ann compliments they’re partnering, but would have wanted a little more dirty in their jazz, and Sara beats Meredith in points.


Next, the old skool team of Adamme and Corey bring a ton of energy to the stage. Adamme is just a ball of fire, while Corey is a little slower but really funny. They even do the running man!  Judge Dave Scott gives them a standing ovation, and he gives Adamme a ten! Adamme has the highest score of the night, and Corey is sent to the elimination group.

The weigh-in begin with the winner’s group, to determine who will win for the week and be given immunity for next week. Briana lost 14.3 pounds, and quickly takes the lead. Adamme is weighed last, and is Briana’s only real competition. He beats her, and receives immunity for next week.

In the elimination group, Corey shocks everyone when he loses more than 15 pounds. Erica has the lowest weight loss, and gets really upset. Caleb is the last to weigh in and would have had to lose more than 16 pounds to win, but he just couldn’t lose enough weight. Who will dance their way to the most weight loss next week?

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