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Last Comic Standing: New York City Auditions, Part One

June 14, 2010 07:03 PM by Nancy Floyd


Open casting calls continue on an all-new episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing. Host Craig Robinson and judges, Greg Giraldo, Natasha Leggero, and Andy Kindler critique a slew of aspiring comedians/comediennes in New York City. Keep reading for more details on how the first day of New York City’s auditions went down…

On tonight’s new episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, judges Greg Giraldo, Natasha Leggero, and Andy Kindler are delighted at the open casting calls in New York City. The show starts out with a strong group of aspiring stand-up comedians/comediennes vying for a spot on the show. And then a naked guy takes the stage. Um, that’s not funny. At least not for the right reasons.

The naked dude is a good time to segue into a montage of horrible comedians. An overweight Chinese geisha, a frightening clown, a brunette Will Ferrell doppelganger in a tuxedo, a man in a terrifying mask, and a woman with dust in her hair all take the stage and, to the surprise of no one, are not asked to return for callbacks. Kurt Metzger breaks up the unfunniness with a hilarious routine about selling gold for cash. It was funnier when he said it. Anyways, he’s asked to return to the New York City showcase.


Tommy Johnagin from Illinois is up next. Given the lengthy introduction that Tommy gets before his routine, there’s a good shot Tommy will make it to the next round. And would you look at that? Tommy impresses the judges and will be performing in the showcase. Following Tommy is an edited montage of people who seem to think they’re auditioning for either Jersey Shore, The Godfather, and/or The Sopranos. The lesson I’ve learned: having a thick Italian accent does not a comedian make.

It’s time for a ventriloquist! Actually, it’s time for a ventriloquist whose dummy is also a ventriloquist! And time for yet another video montage, this one focused on not-so-funny marionettes. Following the dummies is Jared Logan from West Virginia. After a funny introductory bit involving a box wine tasting with his friends (who all seem funny enough to audition for NBC‘s Last Comic Standing as well), Jared’s routine impresses Greg Giraldo and Andy Kindler so he’s invited to the showcase. Jared must be good luck because the string of contestants that follow him are hilarious and make it through to the next round.


Now it’s time for the first round of New York City callbacks on tonight’s episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing. The comics really bring their A-game to the New York City showcase and it’s obvious that the judges are going to have a tough decision on their hands. All in all, the judges decide to send the following comedians through to the semi-finals in Los Angeles: Roy Wood, Jr., Tommy Johnagin, Claudia don’t-know-her-last-name, Kurt Metzger, Amanda something-or-other, Jesse Joyce, Mike DeStefano, and Jamie Lee.

Tune in to NBC next Monday night for another episode of Last Comic Standing as the open casting calls continue in New York City.

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