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The Bachelorette: Totally Obsessed Bachelor!

June 14, 2010 06:56 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky takes her remaining bachelors to New York City where they will have to audition for a role in the production of The Lion King! Chris Harrison begins the episode by telling the eleven hopefuls there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date this week, and they’re about to leave to travel around the world! The guys pack for New York City…

Ali prepares to meet the guys in New York by getting a makeover from InStyle! As the bachelors get on the plane at LAX, Ali dishes about them with the makeup artist and hairstylist.  Once she’s finished, Ali learns she will be featured in the July issue of the magazine!

Kasey scores the first one-on-one date with Ali. The card says, “Let’s do what comes naturally.” Ali and Kasey leave on their date, and the other guys sit back to dish about Kasey’s chances. They don’t see it happening between Ali and Kasey.


Ali and Kasey take a helicopter ride over Manhattan then land at sunset for a picnic. Over a glass a wine, Kasey sings an impromptu song to Ali. It’s totally awkward! They get past it, however, and head to a darkened museum full of dinosaurs with flashlights.  After the fun, things get more serious as Ali considers whether or not to give Kasey a rose. Unfortunately, Kasey decides it’s the perfect time to sing to her again. This time, Ali actually laughs. She tells him that she doesn’t feel he’s being himself, but putting on a facade. Ali says she can’t give him a rose, but she doesn’t want him to leave either. Kasey is hurt, but glad to still be there.

Back at the guys’ pad, Ty has the next date card  – it’s for seven of them to go on a group date. The card reads, “Let Play!” Justin, who was not included, is put out.

The group date is to take place on Broadway at The Lion King. The guys greet Ali, who is a little under the weather. She takes them into the theater where they meet the producer, who explains that he and Ali will pick one of them to spend the evening on a date with her! Soon the men are doing dance choreography in spandex! Roberto looks to be the best of the bunch. Next,  they must sing.  Jesse is the big surprise – he sounds great! Roberto also charms her by singing right to Ali.  The producer picks Roberto, but stuns him by saying the date entails him being in The Lion King!


Ali and Roberto get into costume and rehearse – it’s fun. The other guys watch with doleful expressions.  When it’s time for the show, Ali is intimidated, but she and Roberto perform beautifully. The other guys are jealous! Roberto gets a kiss and some closeness, but Ali does try to spend some time with the others in spite of being ill. She and Frank go outside, where she reassures him. They kiss.  Craig R logs some time with her, and Jonathan tries to interrupt, but is unsuccessful. Kirk takes her aside and urges her to go get some rest. She announces that she’s not giving out a rose tonight, then Kirk walks her to her room.  The others are stunned by this development.

The last date card comes, and Chris L, will be spending his birthday with Ali!  Unfortunately, Ali wakes up feeling too sick to go on a date the next day, but invites Chris to her suite anyway!  He arrives with flowers and soup.  They sit on the sofa and chat. Soon, she says she feels up to going out. They head to 230 Fifth, a club she’s had shut down just for them.  Once again, he shares about his mother who passed away. Ali urges him to call his dad.  After, she gives him the rose.  For one last birthday surprise, they head back up to the roof, where Joshua Radin, Ali’s favorite, is playing and singing live! At the end of the date, Chris feels like she’s his girlfriend.


Meanwhile, the other men are worried about where Kasey is, noting that he’s been down since his time with Ali, and that he was speaking about doing something big. The camera shows Kasey heading into a tattoo parlor, where he asks for a shield and heart to be put on his wrist! He covers it and returns, where he lies to the other bachelors, saying he burned his arm. Justin thinks he’s fibbing!

The men gather for the cocktail party, and Ali shows up in a black dress looking healthier. She thanks Kirk with a kiss for taking care of her.  Jonathan nabs her next and produces an acoustic guitar to serenade her.  It’s not great, but he thinks he’ll get a rose.  Justin tells the other guys that Kasey is lying about being burned and he’s going to call him out! He does.  Kasey denies lying, but then calls the other guys together and shows them the tattoo, saying he’s going to protect and guard her heart! They all basically think he’s nuts, but Kasey feels they approve.  He heads off to show his tat to Ali, but Frank interrupts and he doesn’t have the chance.  Chris then comes in and says it’s time for the rose ceremony.


Rose Ceremony

Chris L is safe, but two others are going home tonight. Ali offers roses to Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N, Roberto, Justin, Ty, and Kasey! What?! Hot Jesse goes home, saying that he is a country boy and she is a city girl – he can’t wait to see his dogs. Jonathan the nervous weatherman also must say farewell. He’s dumbfounded.

Ali tells the remaining bachelors that they’re heading to Iceland next!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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