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The Next Food Network Star: Doreen Fang Exit Interview And Susie Fogelson Answers Some Questions!

June 14, 2010 08:15 PM by Lisa Princ


Doreen Fang was the next unlucky contestant to be eliminated last night on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down as Doreen talks about her time on the show and what her future holds. Keep reading to hear the details and also what Susie Fogelson wanted to share with the viewers! Before you do though, be sure to register to win The Next Food Network Star Prize Pack!

First up for the interview was Doreen Fang, and here is what Doreen shared with us.

Question: Can you tell us about your culinary point of view since there seems to be so much confusion?

Doreen Fang: I went in with the point of view that I wanted to teach people not to be afraid to try something new. I am not turning away from my Asian culture, I cook Chinese and Asian a lot. But I am someone who loves variety, what I am doing right now is exploring new flavors. I know I can cook, and I have a great palate. I tried to show the home chef that just because it’s something you haven’t had, you can do it. I knew what I wanted to do but I wasn’t the right fit for The Next Food Network Star on Food Network.

Question: What was your highlight of the show?

Doreen Fang: Overall, I tried to listen to what they were saying and I really enjoyed the people. You go in there not realizing the people you will make friends with, and I made some friendships that will last a lifetime.

Question: Did you realize that you were making that angry facial expression while talking?

Doreen Fang: [chuckles] I’m very passionate and expressive with my face, I am not angry. Someone actually offered me botox! I am just someone with alot of feeling and emotion that comes across through my facial expressions. While one person may look at it as angry, another may not. I can’t change it…unless of course get botox [chuckles].

Question: What went wrong with your pulled pork?

Doreen Fang: I wish I had a pressure cooker, as I did not have enough time, and when I realized that it was too late to change the name. I wish I could have changed it to roasted pork instead of pulled pork so they would not have expected that texture.

Question: What the biggest surprise behind the scenes for you?

Doreen Fang: The camaraderie , everyone was very supportive of each other, which was nice especially since we were in a competition setting.

Question: What point of view would you approach with if you could do it again?

Doreen Fang: Probably the same. My point of view was about trying and exploring new things although it wasn’t really accepted. My point was to have confidence, try new things, such as going to a restaurant and trying a new dish and then going home to try to make it. My point of view was also about being open and not being afraid to cook something different and new.

Question: What are your future plans?

Doreen Fang: I am still making my video blogs of dining with Doreeen, and I will continue that. I may pursue a career in television with food and my perspective.

Question: Do you think they expected you to be an Asian chef on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network?

Doreen Fang: I do feel in a way that they wanted me to be. Just because I am Chinese does not mean that is my area of expertise. I am very proud to be Chinese and of my food. I eat Chinese & Asian all the time, but I don’t just cook Asian and Chinese all time. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, if you have a passion you can cook whatever you want. I grew up on Chinese, and now everything is opening up to me.

Question: Who do you think is going to win The Next Food Network Star?

Doreen Fang: I had actually been asked this already and my pick was Aarti.

Next up was Susie Fogelson, SVP Marketing, Creative Services & Brand Strategy for Food Network as well as judge on The Next Food Network Star. Here is what Susie was kind enough to share with us.

Question: Where do you think Doreen went wrong?

Susie Fogelson: You know, it was clear that we were frustrated. By the second episode she didn’t know what her culinary point of view was which made her feel scattered and confusing to me.

Question: Do the judges have an idea of what type of show they would like?

Susie Fogelson: No, I don’t go into this with ideas. I am always intrigued as bringing new people in brings diversity of new ideas. We have no preconception to what works or what wouldn’t based on contestants. I am basically looking for anyone to blow my mind.

Question: What is the trick to talking while cooking?

Susie Fogelson: I don’t know because I don’t do it. I will say that nerves can bring out the worst in people and that is a problem. You could ask Bobby Flay, he is an expert on this and would know the answer [chuckles].

Question: How difficult is it as a judge to not choose a favorite early on?

Susie Fogelson: It’s very hard. I do get very attached to the contestants. I do not choose favorites though, I approach this with a lot of integrity and support. I love them all, I think they are all brave and I love their passion for food.

Thank you to both Susie and Doreen for chatting with us!

Be sure you remember to register to win The Next Food Network Star Prize Pack and tune in next Sunday for a brand new episode of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network.

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