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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: A Housewife Leaves The Show And Danielle’s Sex Tape Truths

June 14, 2010 08:20 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVO, the truth comes out about Danielle’s sex tapes, and one of the Housewives has had enough and decides to leave the show! Who is it? You will have to keep reading to find out!

Dina and Danielle’s conversation continues, and all Dina is trying to do is tell Danielle she wants nothing to do with her. But of course Danielle has to bring up all kinds of drama from last season, and Dina just keeps her cool and tries to tell her goodbye. But then Dina tells her that she is crazy, and Danielle goes nuts. She tells Dina that she is no better than her. Well, when Dina leaves, Danielle calls her buddies that she has waiting out for her in the parking lot, and of course she tells them that Dina was guilty and that is why she ran out of the restaurant. Caroline was right. Dina should have never gone to meet her in the first place. The best part about it was when Danielle says that Dina and her family are no better than her or more holy than her. Okay, wait a second.. I think the past that was exposed about Danielle & her choice of friends makes her seem just a tad bit lower on the classy scale than Dina, who has a foundation for kids with cancer, and who tries to stay out of all the drama, and tried to give Danielle a chance because she always sees the good in people. Seems the classy scale is tipping in Dina’s favor.

At the Manzo house, Caroline tells Jacqueline that she told Dina she was crazy for meeting up with Danielle. Just then Dina walks in and tells them that Danielle is “one crazy ass bitch.” They have all finally come to realize that Danielle is a nut. That night Danielle meets with all of her “friends”at a restaurant because she feels she needs an audience. They have all eyes on her as if she is about to tell them the winning lottery numbers. Then she shows them an email that Dina sent her after leaving the restaurant, and of course Danielle twists everything around. Danielle really has no life. She only focuses on the Manzo’s. It is all she talks about. She can’t even deny it. All she needs to do is watch the episodes. What a psycho!

The next day on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVO, Danielle’s friend Kim, (who is also a new friend and neighbor of Jacqueline) stops by Jacqueline’s house. Kim decides that she wants to tell Jacqueline that Danielle told all of her friends what happened with Dina. Jacqueline tells Kim about how she really feels about Danielle, that she is only out to find people who have rich friends so she can find a rich man. But of course, Kim has never heard any of this, she has only heard Danielle’s side. But as everyone knows, there are three sides to every story. I think this Kim is playing both sides of the fence though…


Meanwhile, Jacqueline’s husband Chris is having the traditional guys poker game at his house, and they have invited Ashley’s boyfriend Derek, and Chris tries to come up with all sorts of idea to initiate him into the group. But the game starts, and he is not there. But he does show up late, and they have him sit right next to a mallet. Jacqueline and Teresa are watching the whole thing on an extra baby monitor she has in her kitchen, but it all gets interrupted when Ashley dislike something that Jacqueline says, and she gives Jacqueline an attitude. Jacqueline gets up out of the chair, grabs Ashley’s arm and throws her out of the house! They say goodbye to Derek, but he actually stays and plays poker!

While with her friends, Danielle brings up the guy Steve that she dated, and he is friends with Teresa’s husband Joe. If you remember last season, when she breaks up with him, she tells him that she was looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with and he was not it. Probably because he was young and not rich enough to take care of her unemployed self. Not only that, but she says how gross he was because he actually taped them having sex and was trying to sell the videos, but said he was shut down by her attorney. Something tells me that she knew she was being recorded. Dead giveaway is when Jacqueline said Danielle told her he was text messaging while they were having sex. Who does that? Seriously. Jacqueline is appalled that Steve is at her house for the poker game with the guys, and she and Teresa confront him, and Jacqueline told her she thought he was disgusting. But little does she know that Steve said the truth was that Danielle was doing dirty things to herself and sending the videos to his cell phone, and he wasn’t even there. He even said she dropped the lawsuit because she had done that. That shows what kind of person she is once again!

But as she says, she is trying to move on and find true love and happiness, and what better way to do that than to go with all of your girlfriends and try on trashy lingerie on television! To make matters worse, she said since the incident she has an issue with her body, so her friend/ex con decides to have her come to a strip club and work the pole with her friends. Since she says she used to be a dancer, and had no problem getting up on the stage, with her friends throwing dollar bills at her. Then she says she’s back… honey, I don’t think that part of you ever left!


Unfortunately, no matter what happens or is said, Dina has come to realize that there is no dealing with Danielle, and she has decided that no matter what she does, it will never change. Danielle will always have this vendetta against her family, and Dina only looks for peace and happiness. I am really sad to say that Dina has decided to leave the show to keep the toxicity out of her life. I wish her the best. I really liked her on this show, she seemed to bring a sense of calmness to everything.

In the preview for next week, it looks like Danielle’s friend Kim is outed as a troublemaker, and Caroline has an emotional moment with Albie!

Be sure to tune in next Monday at 10 for an all new episode of Tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVO! See you after the show!

Tune in next next Monday at 10 p.m. EST for more drama on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on BRAVO . See you after the show!

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